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Ok, I had 3 great guest bloggers on my blog this past week, thanks to MDC! This coming week, I'm trying something new. I wrote a blog post called "50 Best Decluttering & Cleaning Tips by Blogging Moms". It's kind of like a blog carnival, but I've chosen the topics.<br><br>
How it works is you read the list and see if you are interested in blogging about one topic. Contact me, either by leaving a comment on the blog, e-mailing me (link on blog) or pm'ing me here. I'll let you know to go ahead (I don't want any over lap). Then, you blog about the topic on your blog( including a link to my blog post), send me your blog link and I'll link it to the topic title on my blog post. I hope that makes sense! lol<br><br>
Anyone interested? With any luck it will boost everyone's readership a bit!<br><br>
All the topics are cleaning/decluttering related. Oh, and you can view my blog by clicking on my name "twocoolboys" to the left and clicking on my homepage. Or, pm me for it if you can't find it. Thanks!
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