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Trying this AGAIN! South Jersey Mamas-Gloucester, Camden counties and South!!

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I know there are very few of us out here that even breastfeed. So if you are either a lil A/P, breastfeed, don't vax, etc. Let's all chat! Don't be afraid if you are just one of the above, you know if you are at Mothering and relate to what we say here, you are the person I am talking about!

I feel so alone out here! Also, I can't even fine a half decent ped. for check ups! I got one MDC suggestion but it was far borth from me!
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Hiya bebesho, I am a few of the above, and a little further south.. kind of half way between AC and Philly. I have been checking on here for other South Jersey mamas.. and was going to post myself today
I'd love to chat with you about life and babes and anything under the sun. I have a few friends who are also ap, we met through LLL..but I have noone for this babe , all my friends children are older now. Get in touch, be nice to chat..
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Hello!! I am in Gloucester County-right on the Delaware across from the Philly airport. About 40 minutes from ya!! I have a 6yo DD and a 2 yo DS. So you know the hell of Jersey too? I hate it here soooooooooo much, we hope to move asap, but in reality that'll be years down the line.

Cureently I am working f/t days so my time out is limited but would love to get out some time. Sometimes I think I seem desperate for a decent conversation!! DH goes to a chiropractor whom is very "naural" minded (no vaxing, etc.) but my last attempt at a convo w/ him left me so upset. HE blew me off, he is quite intelligent and would have appreciated his feedback. Nother thread right? BRought it up cause I have yet to find even a half decent Doc for us out here too.

What do you and the kids do/go for fun? Jus tcurious? I tend to wander , cept now that my van is gone (got totalled) we stay round here a lil more....
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bebe. you're not far at all, I am a wanderer myself, have a gf in Woodbury that I try to go to see once in a while. I babysit a friends little ones two days a week. My youngest is 3, so we have one almost the same age, older two are in school... I was gonna homeschool, but must say with the homework wars we have here, I am glad I didn't. They are in catholic school instead... haha someday they'll thank me! We do a lot of outside things, parks and playgrounds, the zoo, the beach, and the library are regular spots. I am going through a divorce right now, after an abusive 11 years, so they are finally starting to heal from that and building a relationship with their dad. I am used to doing the parenting alone.. a lot of my ideas he was not thrilled with.. hated the family bed, but 3 year old is still there:LOL I have a bf who is in Canada, and thats where I'd love to be right now, but thats in the future too, I live life one moment at a tiime now, the only way I'd get through the stuff on the path lately. I am pretty crunchy, I do have a good pediatrician who iggies my "Hippie dippie" Ideas... he knows I do a lot of alternative care, but he supported my not circing, family bed, and extended nursing, so I take the good with the bad and am overall happy. He does try to hand me an antibiotic everytime they go in for a sniffle, but most times it ends up down the sink
I grew up down here, and the only thing I'd miss about South Jersey is the beach, but there is so much more out there, ya know?? Give me a pm if you'd like to talk more, and maybe I'll wander my way up there one day soon..
I look forward to meeting another ap mama
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I'm AP Mama and I live in Burlington County
I just found out I'm preggo with number two!!!
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Hi! I am in Gloucester County (not too far from Woodbury). Just wanted to say hello.
Wow! How'd you find my ole thread! lol I too am near Woodbury! Do you go to any LLL meetings? I may know you if so... But i don't know many people anyway! PM if you'd like or post more on here-I know it is hard to find Motheing type Mamas out here!
Originally posted by bebesho2
Wow! How'd you find my ole thread! lol I too am near Woodbury! Do you go to any LLL meetings? I may know you if so... But i don't know many people anyway! PM if you'd like or post more on here-I know it is hard to find Motheing type Mamas out here!
no, I never went to LLL meetings. They always intimidated me. It took a while before I was comfortable nursing in public too. Besides, I'm kinda shy IRL, which is why I hang out online a lot :LOL
No problem! Just curious. How old are your kids? Mine are DS age 2 (still nursing) and DD almost 7yo. I grew up out her but moved away for some time but am back for now. Recently, I have met a handful of like minded Mamas in the area...
I just have one daughter right now. She turned 1 on January 5th
hey all,

i'm a cali girl, but originally from south jersey (salem county). anyways, i'll be comin home to mama's for a visit, most likely lasting 4 months or so, and i will be in DESPERATE need of finding some like-minded mamas to spend time with. i'll have access to a car, so getting together for playdates would be awesome. my kiddos are 3 and 1, and i'm newly preggo

look forward to chatting with and meeting you all, hopefully....
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We live in Gloucester County too, although we're on "the other side" (Wash Twp. /Monroe area)
. I belong to the Woodbury LLL group, which actually meets at the West Deptford library, and it's the only place I've found like-minded but not fanatical
mamas. Several of us have become good friends outside of LLL, and the moms get together once a month sans kiddos except nurslings to have "Coffee Night" even though I don't think any of us have ever ordered coffee! I wouldn't say I'm totally crunchy, more semi-crunchy, and AP in spirit. I have to work FT, but I work 3 12 hr shifts a week on the night shift and dh works days so we minimize dd's daycare time, and our non-work time is centered around our family.
Nice to "meet" you all!
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I probably know you Kelly, I sometimes go, but they meet at the Deptford Library now-used to be West Deptford... lol Everyone does that-wish it was WD as that is up the road from me!!

I was at last months meeting-I have a feeling we have chatted...I have the lil boy named Marcus...
Yeah, I think we've met there a couple of times, and you're right -- it is in Deptford. My bad!
I was thinking reading some posts that I knew who you were. You're the mom who's the Peer Counselor from NYC, right?
That's me! Was gonna post more but the boy is (literally) on my back...
Hey next month I'm moving to Gloucester County on April 16th I would love to meet other mothers in the area since we are moving from Philadelphia and won't have any friends or family there right away. I am pregnant with my third girl and BF both my others for about 14 months. I still have Kennedy my youngest in bed with us but when we move we will try her in her own big girl bed to get ready for the new baby in July.
Just popping in to say Collingswood here.I feel terrible that when the oilder ones were older we got out and did so much but poor Tim usually just gets dragged along on errands and that's it. There is a playgroup in town I've been to a couple of times. And the McDonald's in Westmont has a nice story time. Yes, I know it's McDonald's but we get orange juice and a cinnamon bun so it's not so bad.
Has anyone been to the new playground in Cooper River park? It's awesome. I'd love to set up a date to meet if anyone's interested.
I didn't mean to abandon the thread-I forget to pop in sometimes! Welcome everyone!! I would love to come to an organized outing one day-but can't be the organizer as I don't have a car much these days and am also searching for a full time day job (sucks to be me! lol) So while I am game, I'd hate to be the planner and have to back out!!

BTW, I used to go ot Cooper River Park asa kid cause my sister went to Bishop Eustace. I loved it then, can't imagine how much better it may be now! Generally, I go to Red Bank Battlefield Park in National Park and some other local spots on the river so the kids can walk the shore, watch planes land, and watch ships drive by...
I haven't gotten to planning anything yet and next week doesn't look good. I'm thinking of going to Cooper River Park playground the following Thursday, April 22. 9:30-10:00 is the best time for me. Anyone interested?
I'm interested but would need directions since I will be new to the area. PM me please!!
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