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Trying to buy books for two boys...

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I want to send a small birthday gift to the sons of a dear friend. I prefer to send books. I have a baby DD, though, and I don't really know what older boys like. These two are turning 5 and 3 and adore superheros especially, and also the swimming pool and sports. They are very stereotypically "boy" boys. Their mom is not AP, FWIW, although I prefer not to send something I'd hate myself.
Any suggestions?
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I have 4.5 and 3 year old boys and you can never, ever go wrong with cars, cars and more cars... all shapes, sizes, colors, sounds.... my 2 also like the color wonder marker sets, I know they have some that are super heros packs..that might be an idea.

good luck!
Hmm, at 5 we started buying DS the Magic Treehouse Series books and he still loves them 3 yrs later. Most 3's still like picture books, maybe something like the I-Spy books. The DK Eyewitness books (non-fiction) are available on a variety of subjects and we all enjoy reading those together.

I love giving & receiving books as gifts and even have a sub-category on our amazon wishlist just for books for when family/friends need help buying for us
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Cars. Trains. Things that go.

Dr. Seuss

My four year old really loves books that come with a whiteboard-type marker that he can write (and erase) in.
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How about a gift cards for each child to a bookstore? My son has always loved picking out his own books at the bookstore. He really likes gift cards because he likes to spend his own money. We have a gift card at Border's that we keep a balance on just for ds to use. He is an avid reader!
I second the I-Spy books recommendation. They would be good for both ages and they are really fun. Fun for the parents too.

I think books are a fantastic gift!
I Spy are good books
Dr. Seuss
Curious George
Greek Myths
Nonfiction (like a children's encyclopedia or books on dinosaurs, Egypt, animals, etc.)

Barney & Ben
Ds loves books about construction trucks, or any other trucks, for that matter. Ds's favorite is this one.

He loves his Dr. Seuss books. My sister got him a big Curious George compilation book and he just loves that too. We like the I Spy and Richard Scarry books but I find them tedious to read.

The coloring and or sticker activity books are good too, ds got some for his birthday last week.
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For the 5 year old -
Magic Treehouse books
Captain Underpants books
Ricky Ricotta books

For the 3 year old -
anything by Mo Williams
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