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Trying to figure out the right birth control

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I could use some helpful suggestions. My DH has agreed that we can have a forth baby, but he really wants to wait for a few years (he was going to get the big V right after this one until he changed his mind). So, I would like to figure out a good method of birth control for us. Here are some of the issues for us though surrounding birth control that make it more difficult to find the right one:

1) I am allergic to latex and have had reactions to spermicide in the past
2) IUDs scare me... I already have very heavy periods, bad cramps, etc... that there is just something about them that scares me
3) the pill gives me migraines, weight gain, depression and just makes me feel lousey
4) while practicing NFP to prevent pregnancy I ended up pg, so my husband is not very comfortable with this method

We have used nonlatex condoms in the past and they work ok, but are expensive and I know that sometimes the barrier method is not the most desired as far as sensation goes.

I was thinking about trying the NuvaRing..... any thoughts? Anyone have any other ideas?
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I'm no help, after needing the morning after pill 3 times(!) due to condom failure, I decided to go on the pill. That was before #4, now I have to start thinking long term too..I'll be watching this thread. I am currently using progestin-only pills, but dd is 3 and I ovulate sometimes, I'll likely switch to a combo pill soon.
I had the Mirena IUD - no cramps, spotting every month but no AF. I highly suggest it! Now there is the Copper IUD, it has no hormones and is said to cause cramping and heavy bleeding. That's why I didn't get the Copper.
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I use the nuvaring and so far so good. I can't take the pill either, it makes me nuts, but there are less hormones in the ring so it doesn't seem to bother me. I used a Mirena in the past but if slipped out of place and caused lots of bleeding.

Good luck!
I also use NuvaRing and recommend it to anyone who'll It's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

I've gotten pregnant while religiously taking the pill, I have a latex allergy as well (though not a bad one). With other pills that I didn't get pregnant on (ie, pills that worked for me), I was like I was a b!tch constantly! So, a no-go for those. (btw- if you have problems with ONE or TWO pills, DO NOT say 'oh the pill doesn't work for me', there are SOOOO many different kinds, it's worth a shot)

I like how easy NuvaRing is. Doesn't interfere with sex, don't feel it, and nothing to remember daily. I got a free timer off their website that beeps when it's time to take it out and put the next one in.

It's been a blessing for me. I've been on it for nearly 2 years now, and absolutely love it!
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I haven't tried the nuva ring, but I'm about to get the copper IUD. I was going to get the Mirena, but my doc doesn't do that one, and he said in some women it causes a lot of breakthrough bleeding. I asked him about the heavier cramping and bleeding, and he said it is an issue in some cases, but a recent study showed that over 85% of women were satisfied with the copper IUD. Plus, it is pretty easy to take out if you don't want it anymore.
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