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Trying to find a good ped. in San Diego

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I've been wanting to change pediatricians since my daughter was born but never really got around to it. Everytime I tried to find a new one I couldn't find any info on them and I was too busy to call around. Our current ped. tried to get me to give my daughter formula the day after she was born because she lost 7 ounces... I gave her a few drops from an eye dropper and wouldn't you know it... the "miracle cure"
made her gain the 7 ounces she lost, plus an additional 7 ounces.

Anyway... she isso not AP friendly- doesn't seem very pro-breastfeeding, says co-sleeping is deadly, etc... We always tell her what she wants to hear though. Also, everytime we go there, we end up waiting at least 2 hours! Once our appointment was at 2:30, we left around 5:30! My daughter's next "well baby" visit is in two weeks and I'm determined to find a new doctor after this next appointment. I registered for this site shortly after I found out I was pregnant, but never came back till I was linked to here about the Victoria's Secret nurse in (which I attended at UTC with my then 8 month old). It just hit me that some of you may be able to help point me in the direction of a better doctor for my daughter. I'd like someone that supports breastfeeding- and their office isn't littered with Enfamil ads- understands co-sleeping, and won't freak out about delaying vaccinations. Up until now, Sammy has had all her shots. I'm considering not doing or delaying the MMR and not doing the Chicken Pox shot at all. Still not sure... but I want a doctor who won't try to guilt me into it.

Thanks for reading my post. I'm in Santee (East County) and we have Medi-Cal for insurance. I don't know if that'll be a problem since Medi-Cal is a government program and they push shots and such... Hopefully I can find someone.
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The most Ap friendly doctor I have found is Dr Tami Nakahara down in Hillcrest (I wish there was someone in the east county- I'm in La Mesa). Dr Nakahara is accepting new patients- she is very easygoing, and doesn't push anything on me that I don't believe in. Anyway, maybe you could see if your insurance will allow you to see her? I have an HMO plan and we were ok. Her number is 619-297-5437. Good luck!
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We've seen Dr. Hitchcock 858-457-0030 in the UTC area since my DD was born. While the they are pretty standard in some ways, they have been open to discussing vaccinations and they have let me make my own decisions on when and if my DD received them. In addition, he is very pro-breastfeeding. Family bed hasn't come up. The other Dr. is newer, Dr. Gillan (sp?), but I have heard good feedback from her, although she is not as experienced as a mother--her DD is just 2 now. Good luck!
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