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Trying to get myself as healthy as possible...

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DH and I have just decided to TTC baby #3. I'm very excited, but I want to direct all of my energies to getting as healthy as possible before I get pregnant. I had hyperemesis gravidium for the first 5 months during both of my previous pregnancies, and I'd like to revamp my diet in hopes of lessening that. I'm sure I will be on Zofran, as that's the only thing that could stop the puking, but it doesn't stop the nausea.
I'm also planning a natural home birth, and I know that labor (length, pain, and recovery) can be directly affected by your health. I've been borderline anemic during both pregnancies, and had major iron deficiencies after the birth. I would love to have a healthy diet to be in optimum form.
However, I have a major sweet tooth. Major. Packaged foods and sweets make up my diet. I will often make my son lunch, and myself eat a candy bar. It's awful. I've actually lost weight eating this way, because I'm eating so little actual food. I've been reading up on sugar addiction, and it seems like something I (as well as most of the American population) can claim to have.
I would like some advice for detoxing the sugar, and some ideas (and book recommendations) on eating as healthy and natural as possible. I'm not planning to become vegetarian, but vegetarian cookbook suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to know how to cook vegetables so that I don't get sick of them. I'm not big on vegetables. But I truly feel that fruits and veggies should be the foundations of our diet. I just don't know how to do it.
Thanks in advance for any advice!
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You should take a look at the traditional food section of this forum. I found great advice there.
I also LOVE processed foods. especially sweets. But I have been really successful if getting them out of my life.

I find that if I read a book about how horrible they are far you...I'm very motivated.

I don't keep processed food in the house; so I have to cook something when I'm hungry instead of snacking. Or I eat fruit. I keep loads of it in the house.

I buy lots of amazing cookbooks that make complex, healthy (mostly vegan or vegetarian) and interesting food. I get really bored with basic food but if I have a challenging meal to make, it is exciting for me to make a meal.

I invite people over to eat. I hate cooking for just me and my DH, but if someone is coming over, I throw myself into making interesting meals.

These are just the things that work for me. Not everyone is in a position to do these things, but I thought I would share how I feel like I beat the processed food monster.
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