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Okay so i made it one time and dh loved it. I used a marinade but it had some objectional stuff in it like high fructose corn syrup and a lot of artificial stuff. Then the next time I tried to season it myself and he didn't like it as much. So this time I bought some organic all natural jerk marinade and doctored it up with brown sugar. I really think he liked it last time b/c of the high fructose corn syrup so maybe if it is sweeter this time???

Usually I have some brocolli and peppers to put in the crockpot with it, but not tonight. So I just used what I had. I put some red potatoes at the bottom. Then put the chicken on top of that with the marinade. Then in part of the crockpot I put some black beans. And some pineapple on the other part. I didn't want it to get to mixed up looking.

Would eat it? haha. I know I will eat it, but dh is picky! I have some ww rolls in the freezer and salad in the fridge. I have some brown rice I can do also but only ds and I will eat rice.
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