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Trying to remember to breathe

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Okay I am in total panic here. I had a prenatal apt today that lasted about an hour. I am 30 weeks and a day today. Because I have all kinds of problems, it has been decided the best course is for me to have an amino at 36 weeks to see if the babies lungs are developed. I have had one child born at 37 weeks who almost died because of lung development. The other problem is its far riskier for me to go into labor (I am having a c-section). Right now we are walking this tight rope. I pretty confident that I can hold on until 37 weeks but we know I will not go much longer then that before going into labor. There is no way I am prepared to have a baby 6 weeks from now...I need at least another 6 months.
Now I am in a panicky...stupid things are not done. I still need to get diaper covers / wraps because I am using cloth diapers. I do not want velcro and I do not want to buy new as I cannot afford $17.00 per wrap. If anyone knows of a cheap source please email me. I have looked in thrift stores etc. and only found two. Its hard for me to get out much now since I like to contract. So I am pretty much a homebody. Also I have not purchased the Amby Baby Hammock yet either.

Oh ya, my blood pressure is up. I have never had high blood pressure before. He said it was not necessarily high by his standards but its high for me. It was 125 /93. Anyone know what that means?

SIGH. Oh my darling daughter has turned yet again. I was pretty sure what I was feeling was her head and guess what it is her head under my ribcage which is where my broken rib is /was. It's healed but still sore. I swear she is head strong too because I try to move her off of my rib without much luck in fact I think she grinds in more.
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I wish I had something great to say but all I can think of is
I hope everything works out and your little one passes the test with flying colors.
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I wanted to send you
too. And if they're not worried about your bp, you don't need to. I would be willing to bet that it was up because of all your other worries at the appointment.

I am trying to figure out how to get some wool wraps going to and am contemplating asking friends and relatives I know who knit if they will knit some if I supply the wool yarn, which makes it more in my financial abilities. Do you know anyone that knits/crochets by chance?

Also, try imagining the best case doesn't come in 6 weeks, baby doesn't come for another 8 weeks and arrives perfectly healthy. Maybe it is even determined that you can have a vaginal birth. You have the bad possibilities covered, so now you can focus on how you would like this to all go.

Take care!
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try the trading post, there are great deals these on dipers and covers, even posting an ISO so mamas know exactly what you are looking for.
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Please don't stress about your blood pressure. If your drs aren't worried then you shouldn't. Drs tend to freak out about this and if they aren't then don't worry. I know its easier sd than done but you can do this.

As far as baby goes, I know how stressful it is to worry about pre-term labor and to worry about having a premie. Both my girls were early so I know how trying it is. Will the drs be willing to give you a shot (I can't remember what the shot was called but I know it was a steroid though) for the baby's lung's? That is what they did w/ both girls and they were both fine when they were born. One was born 6weeks early and my other was 3 1/2 weeks early.

I'll keep you and baby in my thoughts and prayers.
thanks everyone.
I am starting to calm down done worst case scenario. We can make it through this.
I talked to my dr. about the steriod shot. There is conflicting information whether its helpful or not. We will not decide to do the shot until times comes.
Time to imagine all the best things
Soon you will have wonderful little girl who loves you so much and who you love. Baby hammocks and diapers and such can be bought, that will be okay. You need tot ake care of yourself, spend time imagining how WONDERFULLY you and your baby are going to do. She will wait for the c-sec you have planned, she will be healthy when she comes out, you will heal quickly and get on to being the wonderful mother that you are.

As for diapers, I second the TP - I have been slowly collecting everything there. Also, I think Prowraps has snap on covers and they sell their seconds for about $3-$5 plus shipping (if I remember correctly from last time around) - so that is a very cheap new option to check out.
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Yes - I agree with everyone else. Don't worry about BP or anything else. It IS possible you'll hold on and go to 37, 38, maybe 39 or 40 weeks! You can do it!!! Rest, drink water, and just believe.

These diaper covers look really nice and are affordable! You can pick snaps for closure.
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