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Are any of you single mommas trying to get become a WAHM?<br>
I have a full time job (Thanks God) but as soon as I found out i was pregnant I decided I wanted to be a WAHM.<br><br>
After much research I decided to start an online business.<br>
I was working on that project when my 'surprise' separation happened last October.<br><br>
I thought I had to forget about my dream, but recently I found myself working on my project again (doing profitability study at the moment).<br><br>
It is very hard, at the risk of sounding negative this is my typical day:<br>
I get up at 6:00, get baby ready (he is one year old now) and me ready, drop him at the nanny's home at 7:00 and go to work until 5:00, pick him up at 5:40 (I have a long commute) and it is baby time (play, bath, eat) until 9:00 PM. Then housework, then I get to work on my business, I end up going to bed at 11:00PM.<br><br>
Get up 2-3 times during the night because lo doesn't sleep through the night.<br>
more recently he got a 7 day virus so it was extra rough, forget about sleeping. He still have some lingering diarrhea.<br><br>
It is very hard, but the harder it gets the more I want to have an at-home income and spend more time with my son.<br><br>
I think I read of single moms here who are single moms, students and have a job, for example. How do you do it, any tips?<br><br>
When I became a single mom overnight (literally) I came here and you gave me awesome tips to be able to survive and function. I am coming back for some more wisdom.<br><br>
Forgot to mention, I have no family any where near.<br>
Any insight is appreciated

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I’m not a single mom, but we’re really getting serious about our business. Can you outsource any aspect of your business? I’m not sure if your business sells physical products or offers services/products online. Some areas where you can cut down time are: shipping, accounting, and website development. Outsourcing doesn’t have to even be anything expensive, it could be a favor from a friend or colleague.<br><br>
If you make products (like I used to make candles) maybe you can invite a friend over and show them how to make them, and get free labor. My friends used to love learning how to make candles, and I had enough friends to rotate (<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Wink">).<br><br>
See if someone can come by and watch the baby some evenings (a.k.a. "play with the baby" <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Wink">) so you can get some bulk work done. If you need to do computer work, park a stroller in a library or internet café and let others coo at your baby while you get some work done. This works for my baby because she’s an attention hog. They don’t even have to touch her—she can stay quiet for a long time while people talk to her.<br><br>
In college I learned about a quadrant where tasks can be put in regards to importance and urgency:<br><br>
Not important, Not Urgent | Not important, Urgent (like<br>
(i.e. spam, ads) | phone calls)<br>
Important, Not Urgent | Important, Urgent<br>
(i.e. paying bills) | (pressing issues)<br><br>
If it all gets too much during the week, just hand the important, urgent stuff every day and maybe some unimportant urgent issues on workdays. Then get to the important but not urgent stuff on the off days. When I get overwhelmed, I usually handle the urgent issues and then chill out by myself or relax with the baby until I can get my head together on the weekend.<br><br>
I HTH, and hang in there!

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I don't sleep much. Seriously.<br><br>
I work part-time outside the house 3-4 days a week, do my WAH stuff mostly at night when the munchkins are asleep, and recently decided that that wasn't enough and am now working on a start-up of a new company.<br><br>
When it gets really hard, is when one or all of us are sick, or we just keep passing around the same illness. I have family nearby, but when I need childcare, I pay for it.<br><br>
My time is managed out by the hour, and on many days, there's very little room for error. I prioritize my to-do list for the day, and make sure that the things that can wait go at the bottom of my list. On the days that I'm home with my kids, a lot of work doesn't usually get done, but that's just the way it is. I either have to save up my energy to work through the night, work in 5 minute spurts, or the work just doesn't get done. (I'm constantly on the search for a 30 hour day...)<br><br>
I'm one of those people that can be totally exhausted, but not be able to go to sleep because I can't stop making a to-do list in my head. I live my life by my lists!

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Thank you both!<br>
lo is finally starting to recover, it was a very tough couple of weeks.<br>
He is with his dad and I am on coffee shop.<br><br>
And my mission is to work on my lists, there are long, but I need to just accept that and do all I can.<br><br>
I guess I need to train myself to sleep less. I am 38 and I don't know where do I get the energy to do all do! Among the many things, I am not eating well, so that is high on my priority list. I have failed to do any type of meal plan for over a year!<br><br>
My business is in its infancy, I am researching baby products to promote online. I don't want to do MLM (Multi level marketting)<br><br>
ok, Im back to work on my list, and work on important tasks!! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Wink"><br><br>
FORGOT TO mention: one of the things on my list is making local friends, my closest friend is 22 miles away...
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