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TTC before going abroad on vacation

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I know a couple who want to ttc as soon as possible, but have decided to wait until after their summer vacation in August 2009 because the woman doesn't want to be pregnant while they are away.

Im trying to think what I would do in that situation myself. I know you can't go on an aeroplane once you get to 7 or 8 months or something? But I don't see how it would be that big of a deal if you were 2, 3 or even 4 months pregnant going on vacation to another country.

I guess it would be better if you didn't have a pregnancy bump yet, and it was too early for morning sickness to start, so myself, I probably wouldn't want to be any further than 2-3 months pregnant at that time.

What do you all think about this?
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A baby's a baby no matter where you are
I would ttc. No big deal. I spent the first two months of my pregnancy living in a tent without dh and doing a meditation retreat. It was hard, I was so tired, but I am glad that ds got that kind of energy when he was so new. If the vacation is relaxing, it sounds great, if not, then maybe not.
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I guess it would totally depend on her situation, maybe she is afraid.

does she have m/c worries or she going to be away from trusted medical help...

think if she is afraid, maybe she should wait and enjoy her holidays...
maybe you could help her research what she is worried about right here on mdc..there is a lot of knowledge on this board...

afm...I wouldn't be able to wait for anything, but I am 39 an that was a factor for me..

I hope everything works out
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The first thing to cross my mind is: maybe she wants to drink on her vacation? Many people do. I wouldn't let that hold ME back -- heck, I had my son two months before my wedding! -- but some people might...
I threw up several times a day through about the seventh month of my last pregnancy. That fear alone would stop me from being on extended vacation while pregnant.
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I would not want to hike across europe 7 months pregnant myself... adn if I was in Italy or France I would DEFINITELY want to drink the wine!
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I guess it depends on how far along, where you are going and what you are doing. I got severe migraines for the first 12 weeks with DS and the fatigue was ridiculous. I literally was in a fog of pain all day then asleep by 8pm so yeah, vacation would not be fun at that time. However, from weeks 13-30 I felt GREAT!!! I had so much energy and just loved being pregnant.

But I probably wouldn't let a vacation stop me from TTC. You just never know what type of pregnancy you will have.
We purposefully conceived our son while traveling in South East Asia. We sort of made an exception for the time we were taking anti-malarials (but it ended up that the time we needed them was at the very beginning of a cycle and the research I did showed that they dissipated pretty quickly, so little risk to a little embryo... we didn't conceive til the next cycle anyway). I traveled alone to the US (a vacation for me!) at 4 months and we went together to Greece at 5 months. Then to Ireland at 7 months.

Personally, I wouldn't think anything of travel in early to mid pregnancy, but that's just me...
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