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<p>I am near 44 . I  have been an LPN for 12 yrs . I ma in school about 30 days from graduation with my RN</p>
<p>I am married four years to my Childhood sweetheart</p>
<p>I have 5 children He comes with one.</p>
<p>So mine are</p>
<p>The youngest being his.</p>
<p>My case is interesting as I contracted hep c ten years ago in medicine .</p>
<p>I went through the treatment and am now virus free.</p>
<p>We really want to have a baby .</p>
<p>I think we are going to do this if its a possibility.</p>
<p>I had a tubal in 1997</p>
<p>Best Wishes to all</p>
<p>Happy Easter</p>

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<p>First, WELCOME to MDC!!!</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Good luck with your treatment.  Have you found your doctor yet?</p>
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