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Tuesday's Diaper Fairy Thank Yous

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If you rec'd something from the Diaper Fairy on Tuesday (or if you haven't posted your Thanks yet), post it here! We should move to a format more like the daily Fluffy Mail threads since the Diaper Fairy is so busy she can just have one thread to come to to see all the love.
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I'll go first and copy from my thread earlier today:

The Diaper Fairy gave me a really cool wetbag! It has a pretty blue and purple batik print on it, and it closes w/ a drawstring. It is perfect for my diaper bag, and I've already made use of it since I couldn't wait to wash it. :LOL What with the rough ending of the school year and still running at full-speed, I really want to thank the DF for thinking of me and know that I really like the gift!

Thank You!
The diaper fairy in the form of Kimberlylibby sent me a pair of acryllic soaker shorts made by her along with with a gift credit.

It really made my week!

Thank you so much!!!!

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Hokiemum! I'm so glad they got there! Do they fit her??

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In my (expected) package from Pipsqueak, there was a tiny, cute, adorable newborn diaper in organic cotton that matches the "Surf's Up" diaper I ordered for her big sis

I can't wait for my surf babies to have matching bums!

they are on the far right.... the newborn one is on top of the wipes
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If you have figured out who your DF is (not that I have or anything
) do you pm her and personally thank her? Or do you keep the mystery?

Let's just say that I have a sneaking suspicion that there is an EXTREMELY GENEROUS mama around here who has been doing MORE than her share of fairying.

DF - you are soooo thoughtful to include us and I want you to know how appreciative we are of your generosity. The diaper forum babes are going to be the BEST DRESSED/Diapered kiddos around!
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Excellent idea, Michelle. The diaper fairy posts were taking over the board!

Go Fairies!
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They fit perfectly! (like they were made for her!

Thank you again! Dh thought that it was so sweet that you sent us something handmade! (he is a sentimental sort of fellow)

Rachel & Paige
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We were fairied today too! Twice!

Sara got a reallly cute pink dyed tee and Jack got a dyed prefold. They are perfect!! Thank you Diaper Fairy!

Now the second gift, I'm not sure it's a fairy gift? I hope it wasn't sent to me by mistake. It has a name on the package and it doesn't say "Diaper Fairy" and there was no note. It's a lrg firefly! I've been wanting to try a lrg to see how DD fits in it compared to a medium. If it's a fairy gift then Thank You Diaper Fairy!!!
And if it was sent to me by mistake, who does it belong to so I make sure it gets to the right person. I so don't remember buying it if I did??
A Dear friend "fairied" me a gorgeous diaper key chain! The chilipepper print has special meaning to me. She also sent matching kid slings for my boys! (they don't know what to do with them, but *I* think they are TDF!) The best part though, was her sweet note that brought tears to my eyes.

And my 9 mo old got fairied a gorgeous hand-dyed set, with a sun-hat for his baldy little head (which fits perfectly, BTW) and infant PF (fits like a glove!) and cute t-shirt romper!

Pics can be seen in my dipe album

Thank you,
Thank you
this should work
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Tobias got a beautiful all hemp SOS today! It has blue serging and fits him perfectly. I
it. In the package was also an Earth Friendly Baby baby care starter kit. Everything smells soooooooo yummy!
We truely appreciate it. Not only do we love the gift but just the thought that someone cares and was thinking of us makes me all teary eyed.
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Our gift came yesterday, but I'm afraid my Thank You got lost in the shuffle. We received a buttery soft dyed and stamped PF w/ 2 dyed T shirts. They are just wonderful. I really can't and shouldn't complain about how life is going, so lets just say I'm a busy working mama who got home from a long day yesterday and saw the return address from the Diaper Fairy and melted into a smile...and tore open the package. Its just great. The Ts fit him so well.

I've got some pictures of Munchkin in the blue shirt, and of the others too.

Thank you.
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