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Tugging on the nipple

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Why does dd squirm and tug on my nipple in the middle of a nursing session?
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I've got one too! A Sqirming nipple tugging babe, I found that when she does it for a couple mins. then it's time for a burp break and most times she does burp, then back on to feed and she stops tugging!
I feel your pain!!! Hope this helps.

Good luck!
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How old is she? I can't tell from your sig... are you talking about your 3 year old or your newborn? If its your 3 year old, well, because she is 3.
But she definitely can understand good BFing manners... I would pop her off and explain that she cannot hurt mommy while nursing. If you are talking about a newborn, perhaps you have a strong letdown? And your DD is trying to get away from the strong flow? Maybe unlatch and let your flow go into a cloth diaper until it subsides and then latch her back on.
take care
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Maybe have your dd checked for reflux. My dd did this and was diagnosed. She didn't do well on the medications for reflux. We realized that just by carrying her alot, keeping her in an upright position, burping often during feedings, and trying to nurse more often in smaller increments made the symptoms disappear.
my ds at 3 months was doing it soooo often ouch i feel for you he was teething he is almost 7 months and has 8 teeth but thank god the tugging was a fase good luck
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my DD is 2 months and I discovered (after a couple of bruised aereolas, ouch) that it is either because she needs to be burped or because she's tired and wants to stop eating and go to sleep - she rarely tells me this by actually stopping eating. When she does it, I try putting her up on my shoulder and patting her back, and she'll either burp or go to sleep moments later. Sometimes she continues nursing afterward but often she doesn't.

When I called the Lactation Consultant about it (before I figured it out), she said it could either be that the letdown wasn't happening very fast and the baby was getting impatient, in which case you could try to stimulate letdown before the baby latches on by hand-expressing, or it could be that the milk was coming down too fast and forcefully, causing her to sort of pull away and gag.
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