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Tummy Hater

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My DD just turned 6 months this week. She has always hated being on her tummy until she could roll over when she was around 4 months old. At least then she would tolerate it being on her tummy for a little while. She started sitting up a couple of weeks ago and now she won't roll over anymore and just screams and cries if I turn her on her tummy. All she wants to do is sit up.

So if she won't roll onto her tummy on her own and she won't let me put her on her tummy, how is she ever going to learn to scoot around much less crawl? When did your LO start army crawling?
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I say just follow her lead. she will eventually want to be on her belly again. and when she does start crawling, you will have even MORE to worry about.

DS started army crawling right around 6 months, but my nephew didn't until 9 months, and my friend's DS is 10 months and still not even close to army crawling. All babies are different, and normal. I wouldn't worry about it, or push the issue.
Flygirl- you were in my Due Date Club!

I don't have any suggestions, but I can relate. DS is doing the exact same thing! He despises tummy time now. I really want him to enjoy it.

The most annoying part is everyone telling us to let him cry for a bit... after all- "that's how he'll learn."
Anyway, I understand and am hoping that its just a phase and he'll start acutally enjoying tummy time soon. DH is already crawling around trying to show Hayden how its done. LOL. Its fun for me to watch at any rate.
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