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tummy hurting all the time

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ok my tummy hurts high up almost ALL the freaking time any idea why no really bad morning sickness yet just this paion in my tummy all the freaking time! GRR and i cant for the life of me lay on my belly it hurts so bad!
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Sorry, you are suffering.

Are you bloating or have constipation? Or could be the ligaments stretching?
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I am due the end of November and have been having a really achy belly for at least a week now - I came here to complain ... Its constant and all day, its more nausea than pain, like I feel like I'm ready to throw up all the time, but I don't. Sorry your in pain! I just ordered some crystalized ginger in hopes that helps. Eating oranges also helps me. I have a giant bag hidden in my bedroom so my other kids don't get to them!!
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I get gas pain pretty bad when I am pg and sometimes it is up high in my stomach or occasionally feels like it is under my ribs. I've found that warm lemon water works wonders for me, for heartburn too.
I'd guess it's ligament pain. I can barely roll over in bad by wa of my stomach becase the pressure will send me into a crapming fit... not even laying on my stomach, just kind of, passing through.
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