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Tummy sleepers?

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Anyone else out there. I really wasn't much of a stomach sleeper before more of a side with a leg out sleeper. If I sleep on my back my legs fall asleep. But if i sleep on my tummy, yes flat out, legs both out a little and down towards the foot of the bed, sometimes a little more to one side than the other so I can hold DH, I'm great all night! I don't think Babe is squished at all because something as simple as a slouch causes him to protest and fight for room til I move, but he never seems to attack the bed or me, even though he feels how warm DH is and attacks him if we cuddle up.

It's not like I'm a larger woman, I'm lean round belly on a petite lady, I can easily apply gental pressure and my belly goes flat strait down under my ribs, and the displaced baby and organs move comfortably to the sides and up into my ribcage, where as prepregnancy I had this concavness under my ribs.

My midwife said it's time to roll, just because it's time and can't give me another reason. I'm still completely comfortable.

Any body else still sleeping on their tummy? Am I really putting me and baby at risk. I know the vena cava is right behind there but as far as I know I can sleep like this for 12hours and not get a tingle or numbness anywhere.
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If you're comfortable you're probably fine. Personally I found it uncomfortable to sleep on my belly at 9 weeks, and now it's totally impossible and unbearable. I do still wind up on my back pretty regularly though and have had no problems with it.
I agree... Listen to your body and baby! They will tell you everything you need to know!

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I agree... Listen to your body and baby! They will tell you everything you need to know!
That's what I keep trying to tell people! It seems nobody else wants to listen to my body unless my body is saying something is wrong, lol, Yes my body can tell me when something is right too!
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If you read the Bradley Method books and - I think - Spinning Babies web site, there is a tummy sleeping position recommended for getting baby into an optimal position. The position is not flat out tummy sleeping, but 3/4 on the tummy, with pillow support. The whole idea behind baby positioning is getting baby's head down and back against your belly, so sleeping on the belly (or as much as you can safely do so) would seem to encourage this. Personally, I find it pretty uncomfortable.
I try to sleep on my tummy with some of the weight on my right side. I usually end up on my back, though, b/c that's how DD prefers I sleep.
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