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Turkey soup help

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Sooo, I'm making turkey/veggie soup for my sickly kiddoes.

Unfortunately, in my sleepless stupor I forgot to pull the skin off the turkey legs.

When I make the soup, I simmer the legs, celery and onions together before adding the rest of the ingredients.

Will it still turn out do you think? Like, will the turkey 'goodness', still come out?
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I think there will be MORE turkey goodness...

The skin will add more flavor... a bit more fat, too, but you can always pick it off when it's cold if you want. I always make broth with skin, bones, meat, everything, though.
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Bonus! Thanks mama.

I called my mother in the interim, and she said 'Ack! The skin should always be left on' and she said the rest of what you did too.
Good to know!
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Yes, I always leave the skin on, and add a little cider vinegar as well. You can always put the stock in the fridge overnight and skim off whatever fat you don't want in the morning.
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