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Turkeys and Chickens

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Can you raise them together? We have space for 2 turkeys in our chicken pen and coop, but we don't have space to build more poutry housing. I was reading in a previous thread that it's ok as long as blackhead isn't rampant in your area. Are there other diseases transmitted between chickens and turkeys? How are turkeys around kids? Will they get into your garden? Our garden has a 4 ft. fence around it. I'd like the turkeys to roam the yard though. Just trying to get some ideas. Last year was our first year with chickens for eggs, this year we want to add meat birds and turkeys if it will work out.
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I bought some chickens from a couple who are raising chickens, turkeys and ducks together. They share the space, food, and water. The turkeys roosted in trees instead of in the coop but other than that they all lived in relative harmony. They did tell us that turkeys will ram you though....
I had been thinking of doing this as well but was tld that Turkeys can be aggressive, and since DS is only 2 and a half we have decided to hold off on the turkeys
I have seen them raised together, though I read in a book once that diseases passed between them can be a problem. I don't know if this is true though.
It is definitely true that diseases can be a problem. Raising them together can cause the turkeys to get (and possibly die from) black head disease.

That said, I raised my group together last spring, with no ill effects. DS was three and we never had any problems with turkey aggression, even though they free-ranged. We slaughtered our April poults in November and they were full grown and doing all the lovely mating dances....but no human aggression from our Black Spanish and Lilac birds.
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