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Turned on a friend to MobyWrap

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My friend and her husband brought their 4 month old daughter over yesterday (she was premature, so is still pretty small). I have lots of slings that I use for demos in classes (EllaRoo wrap, Hotsling, Maya Ring Sling, MobyWrap, MeiTai, etc). She was complaining that they needed to find a better sling since the baby wants to be held about 20 hours a day and she can't put her down (they'd been using the Bjorn on outings, and own a Premaxx but it killed her neck so she's never really used it). Since the baby needs to be upright most of the time due to reflux, I pulled out the MobyWrap and we got that baby slung in no time, and she was so happy (friend and baby!
) Initially she got the Premaxx so that her husband would feel comfortable using it since it isn't girly... well we got him in that red MobyWrap, and he loved it too! They were planning on heading home to order one, but I just sent them home with mine- it does more good with a baby in it than sitting in my office!

Now I have an excuse to order a new one for demos!

I just wanted to share this success story!
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That's awesome.
We have a Moby and it's just so incredibly comfortable. We were showing it to some friends the other day, and they were a little overwhelmed by the length! But we're going to have them try it out sometime, and I think they'll really like it once they feel how comfy it is.
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