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turning a hobby into a business?

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Any tips? I have recently decided to sell my frayed edge quilts.

Learning to sew and quilt was one thing - learning how to run a "business" is another thing altogether! Registering, taxes, keeping records, keeping ahead on the sewing so I have a selection avaiable, figuring out how to display and pricce them if I go to craft shows, setting up a website - it is a little mind-boggling at times!

Has anyone else been through this process? Do you have any tips to share? I am excited by it all but a little overwhelmed too. What I used to spend a few hours on occasionally could easily become a full time job, at least to get started.
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You sound just like me. I have been sewing my whole life, but have recently discovered that it is a passion, and I want to try making some money doing it. My DH is a computer geek, so he is supposed to be helping me with the website part, but we can't seem to find enough time alone together to sit at the computer and work on it. I had thought about opening a retail store selling other people's stuff, so I had bought my domain name, started on a website, got my business license and sales tax number, etc. But I still need a logo, tags for the items I'm making, and my website to be completed. I have been trying to find time to sew so that I have inventory to get started with. I figured that once I had inventory and a website, I could start to tackle the craft fair/marketing part of it. I guess I don't have any tips - I'm watching this thread to see what others suggest.

By the way, the quote in your signature line is one of my favorites - I try to live by it.
It is so easy! LOL I was put off by all the "Work" but once I got into it it was easy to set up... tax license I did and printed out and paid $25 online... registered a domain name at (selling online will be easier for me as a SAHM of young kids), got shopping cart set up, starting ordering things wholesale (to carry other items besides just what I make - to draw people in LOL)... and ordered Quickbooks to do my math for me - just drag and drop from the shopping cart I use (through they are great). I've done all this in a couple of weeks literally. if you wanna check it out (don't buy anything the store is closed but you're able to look around b/c I've been working on it) I open Sat. It's so exciting and was a lot easier than I thought. It is making me feel great too to turn my simple love of cloth diapering & sewing into something great. I have so much more to do, sew, add to it but feel free to check it out and ask any questions about starting up a hobby based business and I will help!
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Originally Posted by Lilacmoon
Nice site cotton...
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Pretty cool! What are your plans come tax time next year?
Small Time Operator and Online Operator are straightforward how-to-start-a-business books. Sorry, I don't have the author's name - I'm too tired to look for it tonight.
Theres' a great book called How To Make Money With Your Crafts...or something close to that-fantastic tried and true info written by a WAHM/crafter.
Check out The website is by Sylvia Landman, who has several books on how to make $ quilting and lectures on turning hobbies into a business. She's very well informed and the books are great, but I can't recall the exact titles offhand. I took a seminar from her this spring. Not ready to take the plunge myself into quilting for $ but as soon as DS is old enough and starts school, I'm hopeful.

Good luck!!!

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