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Turning over a new leaf....

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Hi, all! Over the past few years, I've been working to improve my diet and that of my family. I feel that I have made significant strides a little bit at a time. Now I need to tackle what I consider to be my most unhealthy nutrition habit: My addiction to diet sodas. (I know there was another thread about this recently, but it didn't answer some specific questions I have, so thought I'd ask for help)

Ok. I have heard that soda "leaches the calcium from your bones." Does it actually remove calcium from the bones or prevent absorption? What is the ingrediant that causes this? After 20 years of drinking large quantities of diet soda, is this reversable? I work hard to include lots of calcium rich foods in our diets and since I'm now menopausal, have started taking supplements. Will this help? Are ther any studies or articles that address this?

Next: Looking for alternatives. I'm pretty sure I'll have a headache from caffeine withdrawl. I'm prepared to deal with this, but I also seem to have a nauseous, upset stomache feeling if I don't have carbonation in the morning. Tea in particular on an empty stomache causes me to feel sick. Is Club soda or sparkling water with a slice of lemon any better or worse?

Has anyone else been through this? I quit drinking soda during my last pregnancy. During early pregnancy nausea and fatigue, it seemed not to be a big deal, but i never stopped craving it and I hate to admit this, but within an hour or so of giving birth, I was drinking a diet pepsi and loving it. I intended to keep it for the occasional treat, but within a short time, I was fully addicted again. I am still nursing and am feeling terrible about all the toxic sh*t I've exposed my daughter to by drinking the stuff.

So.... trying to get rid of it once and for all and like any addict, I know I have to be total about it.

Any advice, encouragement, or insight would be greatly appreciated!
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Thanks, Jane! Any one have any other wisdom to share with me?
I switched to coffee w/ stevia in the mornings to break my diet coke addiction. Now I'm weaning off the coffee by drinking half-caff. It's a process. Good luck!
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Well, I started out today with a nice fruit smoothie, had water with lemon mid morning and with lunch a fruity noncaffeinated tea. So far, I'm a little headachy and just a bit tired, so so far so good. I often have a crash in the mid afternoon and that's the other time I have depended on my diet sodas (besides first thing in the AM.) Any suggestions for a healthy alternative for on the way home from work? (Besides Starbucks, which is what I was thinking of.....
) Thanks for the dialogue!
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i have been reading the book sugar blues by william dufty. i know that diet sodas do not have sugar in them but i did learn that because sugar is nutritionally void of anything, it leaches important minerals and nutrients from our bodies. it is the same with distilled water and this makes sense to me. i would assume that diet sodas do not have any nutrition in them so maybe this is another reason they leach from us.

Diet cola is the WORST thing a woman can drink. It causes mood swings, irritability and whole host of other issues that we as women already struggle with. It's bad bad bad for you all around.

You can kick it. I don't think there is anything wrong with a seltzer and lemon in the morning if you need those little bubbles. There are also so canned seltzers that are carbonated water and fruit juices, this is what the kids get as a treat instead of soda.

My brother actual developed ulcers at the age of 21 because of all the Pepsi he was drinking. He CAN'T drink it now because his stomach goes into complete distress. His guts are a mess due to his soda addiction.
I gave up coke about a year ago. It wasn't as hard as I thought. Mineral water with a splash of juice helped me a lot. I also started kombucha about the same time and I think that helped me detox. I drink a lot of iced tea now. I have been making a really yummy hibiscus mint tea. Find a drink to fill the soda void.
I have kicked the soda habit by drinking a ton of water with lemon and lime slices in it. What helped me was getting a special glass just for the water. That is the only thing I drink in it. If I need something fizzy, I drink mineral water with some cranberry juice in it. It was tough the first few days to a week, but after that I am doing just fine--been soda free for about 2 months now. On the weekends I may slip a bit, since dh drinks soda--can't break him of it--and have a glass or two, but it doesn't have a hold on me anymore. OH and I also drink a lot of herbal teas--trying to break the white sugar habit too--so that has been an experiance all on its own--tea with no sugar!

Good luck! and congrats on turning over that new leaf
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Thanks to everyone for the ideas and encouragement.(The info about soda's detrimental effects, too! That helps me keep up my resolve!) Coming up on my first weekend..... I still feel like an addict. I'm soooo tired and headachy.

I really don't eat that much sugar, in fact, when my DD and I were making homemade lemonade the other night, I had to borrow a cup from my neighbor. I'm still learning lots and I'm hoping to make more changes, but want to concentrate on feeling OK about this first.

Thanks again for your help. I have been checking this thread on my break time at work when I would usually be going to the soda machine, so if you feel inclined to add to it, I appreciate all responses!

I know that we are talking about Diet Soda's here, but I am trying to get my husband to kick his regular soda habit (he hates diet). It seems my lectures about high fructose corn syrup may finally be paying off. He is cutting it back, in hopes of being completely off of it within a month. I will freely admit to the fact that I still occasionally indulge in a diet soda. I am talking about once every other week, but that's still not good enough for me. I am working on that last little place of weakness, the rare occasion that we go out to eat. I am trying to order iced tea, but I can't even feel to good about that. Ah well. We all have our struggles!!
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