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TV show "BullS***!" convinced dh when everything else turned him off

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A few weeks ago, Penn & Teller BS! did a show on circumcision. We have a friend that comes over and we all watch it together every time there is a new show. This time, he didn't make it to the first showing, so when he came for the repeat a few days later, it was the second time we had seen it. I about fell over when our friend was making fun of some of the arguements and my pro-circ dh argued with him. A few weeks later, dh casually mentioned that we won't circ this new baby if it is a boy.

So, for those who's dh's scoff at the comparison to female genital mutilation (because male circ doesn't take away ALL feeling the way female does), the idea of it being more pleasurable for the guy ("if it were any more pleasurable, I wouldn't get anything done"), who witnessed our first son's circ (it wasn't that bad...the dr. numbed him up and he didn't even seem to notice - which means that any attempt to show him a 'circ gone bad' video is seen as inflametory) and are worried about ds being made fun of, this show might be a better tool to help influence a change of heart.

He isn't exactly an anti-circ advocate now, but he finally saw that the reasons supporting circumcision where pretty lame and willing to leave our next son intact. (obviously, if we have another son...way too early to know at this point)

I will have lots of questions if this one does turn out to be a boy
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That's great! Must be such a relief to know that you won't have to fight your dh on this one.

Thanks Penn & Teller!
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Yea! I hope we can catch the replay this weekend and get DH to agree with the no-circ if we ever have a boy.

Good for you!
What station is it on? We don't have cable but I can ask someone to tape it for us. And do you know what time as well? I'd love to "whip this out" for naysayers to see.

It's funny who guys will listen to and respect (and a bit scary too :LOL ). But hey, if it save babies from genital mutilation, go Penn and Teller!
I think it is on Showtime on Saturday night. Not sure of the time but I found it by a Google search.
That's awesome honey!!

FTR, I knew he'd come around. You didn't marry no dummy! :LOL
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"Fat Actress" from Showtime is already on DVD. I hope they move as quickly with P&T for us premium channel-deprived folks.
The circ episode comes on tomorrow night and again on July 11th.
Penn & Teller homepage - go to "Topics" to see the different topics. For those that aren't familiar with the show, they aren't always "friendly" to NFL and other alternative views, but sometimes they are. There is sure to be some other topic there that ticks you off. :LOL

What I got as their major argument on circ was that it wasn't neccessary. They didn't delve nearly as deeply into the comparrison to female circ, but did address some cultural issues (I think there was a Rabbi on there that said you didn't have to be circ'ed to be Jewish) and a lot of "why cut off a bunch of skin filled with nerves?" and "isn't bigger always better?!" sprinkled with lots of off - color comments (that men in particular are going to laugh at). It has been a while, but I think they also talked about the reasonableness of cutting it off to prevent UTIs/AIDS/infections and why that argument sucked.

I just wanted to let you know before you record it that the show is definatly meant for an adult audience.
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I don't get there any other way for me to see this? Nobody i know gets showtime either (i've asked everybody i can think of)...aaah!!! we're pregnant right now (not sure what the sex is, only 14 weeks along) and DH is very pro-circ and i'm very NOT anymore (ds is circed and i regret it)...i want to start the conversation and this would be a great jumping off point.

waaah! how can i see it??
do a search in this forum, somebody told how to get it from bitcomet. it was a little tricky but i eventually got to see it.

I just asked Showtime when that episode will be available to purchase.

If everyone else does too maybe they'll release it early!

I used the form under 'Contact' on this page:
SOOO happy for you!
let's hope now that it IS a boy!!! one more intact little man!
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