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Okay, so here is what I have learned about my newborn stash, since dd is now 3 week old:

1. 3 dozen dipes ISN'T ENOUGH!!! ( I am about to order another dozen)

2. I need a BIGGER diaper pail

3. Have minimum on 1 wipe per diaper you own.

4. While 6 covers is OK - 8 to 10 is better.

5. Flannel wipes PILE all over white diapers....

So here is my questions. I have 36 proservice prefolds, they are very absorbant, and she doesn't totally soak them either (4x8x4) but are then not as soft as CPFs??? How soft are your CPFs? Soft as cotton? soft as flannel? Do I need to do something to soften mine up? I am not sure if I have hard water (no white stuff around drains).

AND I think I might buy 12 Euro prefolds from Granitesmith. they are 4x6x4 and I would love to see less bulk. But do the euro prefolds quilt up as nicely? will they be soft? I have 2 premmie euro prefolds and they aren't soft and didn't quilt at all!!!!

I want to place the order today so they can ship tomorrow, so help me choose!


edited to say: What about the India prefolds? How do you ladies like these????
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