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Argh! My 14 month old has turned into a twiddler! She mostly wants to play with my other nipple when she is going to sleep, and it drives me utterly bananas. I have to actively cover my nipple to keep it away from her, even in a bra, as she will go rooting around for it with her sneaky little hand
: . If she was doing it while awake, I would just TELL her that mommy doesn't like that (not that it would make any difference), but as it is, I have to try to prevent it and not wake her up. I don't mind her pulling/stroking the skin or breast itself, just the nipple. Any suggestions?
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my dd does that too, drives me
i don't have much of a solution for you, i either actively cover it and it takes longer for her to fall asleep, or put up with it for the sake of helping her fall asleep.
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All I can say is, you must "nip" it in the bud!! I let my sweet dd do this...and she continued for a long time...she nursed a long time. I didn't think it was too bothersome at first, but it did get more annoying as time went on. They get stronger, more creative, etc. I do not let Ben do it. I stopped him the first time and said kindly, "no no, tickles Mommy". He hasn't persisted like my dd did. But I just knew I didn't want to do it again...and I worried when we were trying to conceive that it wasn't helping that either. Good luck! You don't have to let her just because she wants to. My sisters son rubbed her elbow. You could try a nursing necklace with pretty beads to touch.
Nipping it in the bud doesn't work.
The drive to twiddle runs DEEP. My 3 year old has NEVER EVER EVER IN HER ENTIRE LIFE NEVER been allowed to twiddle. She still tries to do it sometimes!

I suggest making the other breast inaccessible. A bra helps. I also fold my shirt up so that there are extra layers over the other breast. (This is at home.) Sometimes, I'll just use my other hand, but since I like to NAK and I can't type no-handed
I usually just use my hand to block. Eva is old enough I can just tell her to knock it off, but she still forgets sometimes. Nadia hasn't started twiddling yet, but I expect her to soon. I've been eying the nursing beeds at several different stores. Maybe I should ask DH to get me some for my birthday this month.
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You could try a nursing necklace. You wear it around your neck and she plays with it instead of you. Check out my sig line for more info.
I thought I was reading my own post for a moment!!

No matter what I do dd always gets to the other nipple and I refuse to wear a bra 24/7. Guess I need to browse for those beads!
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At about 16 months - in order to get DD to sleep one night (I was exhausted) - I finally allowed her to twiddle. OMG - she has done it ever since and no matter what I try (covering my other breast w/ my hand, etc) she will fight to get to that nipple. I have finally given up, but absolutely will not allow it when the next one tries. It drives me absolutely batty!
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i second (or third?) the nursing necklace suggestion - very helpful if in order to redirect their twiddling energy. lori's are great!
My little one also likes to play with my other nipple. I keep it covered with my hand and this frustrates him. I distract him with a nursing necklace and my own fingers but he continues to go back to the nipple. I figure over time this behavior will eventually cease. If not, I know I'm not alone. This seems to be a very common practice among tots.

I don't know what else to do except continue sending the message that this is not a behavior that I like and that instead he can play with my hand, pet me, or play with the necklace.
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