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"Oh, you're STILL nursing?" to "Oh, you only nursed for 12 months?" "Isn't it dangerous to let your child sleep with you?" to "You own a crib?" Parents, especially AP parents, deal with a lot of criticism, or at least second guessing. Whether it comes from family members, peers (parents who have chosen other parenting methods or other AP parents whose choices don't perfectly match your own), or from your internal voice, criticism is not easy to deal with. Amid all of this, there are ways to cope, keep our focus on our children, and even to move beyond the criticism to advocate and educate others about our choices.

SAINT PAUL - Saturday, June 12th - 11:15am-1:15pm Hamline-Midway Library

MINNEAPOLIS - Monday, June 21st - 6:00-8:00pm Washburn Library

FMI: PM mamarsupial, doulasarah, or littlecurvieme or email [email protected]

FYI: The regular API schedule has been adjusted a bit. There will be regular meetings in June, a picnic in July, a break in August, then back to regularly scheduled programing come September. Ongoing AP events include Pigseye Playgroup on Fridays, Minneapolis Playgroup on Thurdays, Needle Arts every Monday, and book club every 8 weeks.
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