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Are you in or near the Twin Cities? Do you want to be?
Well, then you have found your tribe! Despite our diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and interests, two things bond us together: living in the coldest state on earth...and the love for our children which warms us. The weekly tribe thread begins anew each saturday. Watch for the new thread on the main Minnesota/Wisconsin board.

Some of the individuals who post here meet weekly. If you are interested in attending a get together, please post your interest on the thread or send any one of us a PM. We welcome with open arms and minds the input of all parents, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, political view, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, etc.
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hey all! thinking good camping thoughts and wishing we were there with ya'll...

and also thinking baby-coming are ya doing autumn??

just quickly read all the thread of last week. don't know what happened that i never got back online after page 1. but wow, we made it to THREE pages! aren't you proud of these mommas, moon?

my bro is heading off to AZ today...for the next SEVEN months...very sad...i know (or hope) that this whole experience will be great for him, but boy will we miss him! DD has never known life w/o her Unkie, as he moved into this house with us when she was 10 months old. and i guess since DS was almost 3 then, Aaron is probably in most of his memories he is finishing packing up and then hitting the road for his 30 hour drive...

we are planning on heading to the French Park raptor release today, after Aaron leaves.

DD has been in undies the past 2 days! she was home thurs with DH and had undies on all day and used the potty all day. Fri all day she wore them at school, but no poops either day, so i was a bit worried when that was coming. but she pooped on the potty last eve! so we'll see how this weekend goes...

otherwise, nothing too exciting going on...

hope the marshmallow roasters are having a great time!

(and we're still considering Forestville/Mystery Caves next weekend, so if anybody has WARM sleeping bags they'd be able to share, we'd very grateful!)
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Hey mommas. Had to come on the boards and see how Mamar. is doing.... any news yet?
Keep us posted!

I have been running errands pretty much all day; there is so much to get done before we leave on Thursday. I went into Wild Rumpus and bought the kids some maze books... wondering what else I should have to keep them happy for the 20+ hour trip.
: I am most worried about Nygel-- hopefully we will make it without too many tantrums.

Hope all you mommas who headed up north are staying warm. I heard that the skies are clear up there, wish that were the case for us here. This weather sucks.

Batty~ Congrats to you and C.!
Sorry about your brother moving away. I am feeling that myself with my sil, brother and their kids all in North Carolina now. I think this will be the first bday that Imala will have without her cousins here.
Hugs to you guys.

Imala turns 5 tomorrow! I can't even believe it. She has grown up so much in just the past few months. Last year she used to tell me she *never* wanted to be in Sunday school unless I were her teacher or Alec could be in the class with her. Well, last week they started Good Shepherd, and I had thought they were in the same room, but they instead split up the two levels and they are across the hall from each other. I panicked thinking Imala would freak out-- but she was perfectly fine! In fact, she is asking when she gets to go back again. She is becoming quite the independent little girl.

Okay, off to do more suzuki practice with my little string players.

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fast update!

we took a 3 mile hike around fort snelling state park. it felt SOOOO good...although i had so much pressure. when i would squat to pee it felt like the baby would fall right out. all i could think is "if i'm already 80% and 3cm, and there's this much long can i last like this? maybe i'll go into active labor in the woods!" obviously i didn't, but i'm having stronger contractions tonight...not painful though. i think since i was induced with e, i'm expecting them to REALLY hurt. i had a few that were off the chart on the nst thursday...and i only felt a little flushed. guess i should be thankful, right?

we ALL have hints of colds over here. poor e has the sniffles something awful. i just have a little hint of a sore throat. bill seems to be at the tail end whatever it is. really, his stuff might be allergies...and e and i may have picked up something at ecfe on tuesday. oh well. we're trying to all keep hydrated.

hope the campers are having fun and staying warm!
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That baby is coming soon, Mamar! Wow! I hope she comes (yep, I'm with Snow) on Imala's bday!! Hope the night goes well over there and you all get some rest!
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what's funny is that almost everyone in our family (both sides) thinks we're having a boy...but almost all of my mama friends think its a girl. strange, eh?
mamar--giggling here, picturing you squatting in the woods and having the baby...would be a great place to have a babe, tho!

katie--have a great trip! i have found that the more i pack, the less i need...but even just blank paper and stickers and writing things kept these 2 quite occupied on our drive to Milwaukee. that and lots of singing...

we did get to the raptor release yesterday. so cool! gave me goosebumps and teary eyes, watching those hawks fly off! and the Raptor Center was there, with a few of their unreleasable raptors--eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, a kestral and a turkey vulture. and what an UNBELIEVABLE play structure!

got DH's b-day gift at amazon books this AM (the new al frankin book) but am wondering if anybody knows of some independant video stores to buy The Awful Truth (michael moore) from?

hope you northern campers had a great weekend and a wonderful time!

(DD just pooped on the potty! i think our diaper days are over!)
hey mamas~

kd....happy happy birthday to dd!!!!!!! and happy birthing day to you. tell her that i said she gets to have 5 pieces of cake today.

supi...pop out that puppy yet? wonderful to see the release! not sure where to get the movie you mentioned. did you do a search online?

help...i'm trying to print out some coloring pages for a study on california. i've been to a zillion and two sites and they all come out shrunk, with junk i don't want. does anyone know where to find ones that will print out to 8.5x11, with no words or banners? i need a map of the state, its flag and state seal. thanks in advance if you do. oh, and the state flower too.

daam...i don't like my haircut.
~peace and love, moon
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We're BA--ACK!
Hi mamas, good to be in my warm living room watching football w/ D. We DID have a fantastic time, thx for all the good wishes. And we didn't exactly stay warm and dry! But it was gorgeous and the company couldn't have been better (5 families!) unless of course all of you had come too. If you want to see the funny/pretty pics, pm me for the link.

Moon, can't imagine your hair looking bad, but why don't you show up in person at the old place and quietly plead your case w/ the receptionist. Bring her/him some cookies & you'll have the name of the new salon pronto! Or at least they might give you her home address, phone or email so you can contact her.

kd - our secret to road/plane trips is to provide stuff they don't get anywhere else. (is N old enough to not eat silly putty? or new playdough?) Red licorice strings are fun rewards for road games like for spotting different licence plates (A & I), or perhaps just successfully finding a green car (N)! And Happy Birthday to I and Happy Birthing Day to you!

congrats to Batty's C - hey mama, no more dipes (at home anyway!)

Oh, Q's 2 guys = "just friends, Mom". She has many guy friends, they call a lot and seem nice. But thx for the reminder of their true colors - lol! One of these boys I've known a long time (& he performed at the opera w/her) and the other is an A student, an athlete, musician, and lives 3 blocks away. They were sweet & funny & didn't mind her old mama tagging along.
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well, pregnancy insomnia here...sort of. couldn't sleep because the contractions have really gotten stronger. on the birth ball now with dh pressing hot rice bags against my lower back. started out 4-7 mins apart, lasting 1 minute or more...and kicking my butt. lets hope this is it or real labor is really going to get me! at least the breaks between are wonderful! bath made things speed up - contrax 3-4 mins apart now. feeling queezy and like i need to push something out. i think this might be it.
WooHoo Supi! Hope to hear about the new babe soon!

Happy belated B-day to Imala and birthing day to Mom!

Glad all the campers stayed mostly dry and warm.

lucky Batty with her dd's lack o'diapers..

Moom- I'm with Snow, bribery is a good thing.

DAAM- Had my relaxing spa day on Sat. nnnniiiiiicceee. I don't think my skin has been this soft since I was W's age!lol

Came home to hear that one of Chris'(basement dweller) kids (he has 3, a 9yr. and 3 yr. twins) had flooded the bathroom. To the point there was water in the GARAGE! I was very happy I was gone.The guys cleaned it up, and mopped the bathroom floor! How cool is that? course, they forgot to look up the sink for water damage so last night we found out that 12 rools o'tp were

Chris also told us he might move out in March. Actually, he sounds pretty sure about it. It's definate if his x-wife doesn't get daycare assistance. Right now he's watching the kids duringthe day and getting like 4 maybe 5 hrs. of sleep.

If he moves out, my house will be big enough for my family !!!!!!
Say it with me ----- Sheetrock party at Helen's!!!! I will get that basement framed and 'rocked if I have to carry the materials home on my back from Then I could have the grownup bedroom in the basement(sorry MIL-Super 8 is down the road!) the young ones can have what is now the grownup bedroom and what's now W's room can be a 'puter/ library room!!!!Whew, got all that?lol
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Sorry I am ignoring other posts, but I only have two seconds and am wondering: HOW ARE YOU MAMAR? I am guessing you have your baby in your arms. Am dying to know; you are in my thoughts, momma!!!!
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SUPI!!! I am crying tears of joy at your post. I hope it's real labor and that babe is here already or will be here soon!

Camping was fun, but cold. Nice to be home again... first thing I did was turn on the heat. It's a (comparatively) balmy 63 degrees in here. Nothing like a little fall camping to get me used to how cold we keep the house in winter.

kdmw - happy birthing day to you and happy birthday to DD. Hope it went well and brought lots of joy. Enjoy your trip! We had lots of games of "I spy" on car trips, but I don't know your kids' ages, so no idea if it's an appropriate game or not.

Will - woohoo for reclaiming the rest of your house! That's so awesome. I'll be no help with sheetrock, but I'll cheer you on.

Batty - good for DD for potty learning! She should be so proud of herself!

Oops... crying poopy babe. Off to fix.
hey mamas~

supi...oooooooh how wonderful! puuuuuuuuuush!!

snow...i won't tell you about the boy in my theatre company, or the ones at my magnet school then.

will...go get some decorating magazines and start planning that new master suite!!

kd...rude rude rude. what if the rest of us were in labor and you missed it cuz you were ignoring us?

camping...i'm glad you girlies had fun!!!

daam...i know where my stylist works. got the info from the receptionist when i was paying for my bad haircut. gotta do what ya gotta do. fortunately i have lots of hats.

~peace and love, moon
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Hey hotties!

It's Ms. MIA!

Mamar...hip hip hoooooray! All kinds of good birthing thoughts your way! Happy belated day, too!

So if kd is rude (um, impossible!), how do I rate? Don't answer that!

Kd! I'm such a jerk! Happy belated real birthingday to you and birthday to sweet Imala! I was pre-occupied with a class and then a xeys nam (unscramble)
I am in trouble and hope someone lectures me asap.

Oh hurray for independant little girls and string playing maniacs!

Don't forget to pack the I spy!

Moon you would look hot with a crew cut...but you know me and my strange preferences. hehe Not to invalidate your feelings, but stoppit you are *gorgeous* I am sure! So glad ng and b had a good play date! I am sure that felt like good outcome. Oh, and how about you draw the cali map tonite when b is asleep and display it for him to wake up to...then have him copy it...voila! drawing lesson included. ps. did you get my email?

Campers! I was thinking of you! Glad five fams made it!

Snow I would love the pics!

Willows, wow that sounds like a great and fun plan! ...and wow that sounds like a great and fun spa day!

Batty sorry to hear of your brothers sure you all will enjoy sending him letters and pictures though the parting is surely sweet sorrow. Oh, and I have been meaning to say, mama, you always impress me with your scrap booking and outings. My kids are lucky if they get a walk down the nearby creek...and pictures, oh mama...I am a mess. They are not organized and in boxes everywhere. I have none in albums and unfinished baby books. Help me expert! Please! Where do I begin?

Elaine, hope you find some childcare! I know how difficult it is...especially that time frame! Best of luck. Someday we will have on site child care and byochild in abundance...just as soon as everyone sits the he$$ down and listens to the wimmin.

Okay, back to school work for me.

Love to all...hope this is at least a start in catching up!

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Baby Girl Connell arrived at 7:19 this morning!

Autumn and family are all doing well! Here are the details:

20 1/4 inches
8 lb 14 oz

lots of red hair

:bf ...and nursing like a champ already!

Labor started last night around 11 pm, contractions sent them to the hospital around 5 am and...poof (okay a few more contractions and a little pushing)...the newest tribal member arrived!

Autumn will call people later this week when she is ready for visitors.
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So happy for you supi!

Batty, I have 3 sleeping bags and 3 cots for you to borrow, plus whatever else you'll need. Give a call tonight.
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Hooray!!! Congratulations to Autumn and family! So awesome to have another little girl in the tribe (and in the neighborhood!)
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