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TWIN CITIES tribal talk, Oct. 11th--Oct 17th

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Are you in or near the Twin Cities? Do you want to be?
Well, then you have found your tribe! Despite our diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and interests, two things bond us together: living in the coldest state on earth...and the love for our children which warms us. The weekly tribe thread begins anew each saturday. Watch for the new thread on the main Minnesota/Wisconsin board.

Some of the individuals who post here meet weekly. If you are interested in attending a get together, please post your interest on the thread or send any one of us a PM. We welcome with open arms and minds the input of all parents, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, political view, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, etc.
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not sure if we'll be at SG or not...need to do some things, but also want to see ya'll!

moon--yes, i do indeed know exactly what you are talking about. and perhaps a punching bag with nakie butt pic is the answer!!

how are hugos? been trying to call, but no one is answering...

ok, kiddos want time on the computer, and perhaps if they do that while i do other chores, we can get us some SG time!

love to ya'll!!
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happy soverday!!!!~

how are the sick and injured neighbor ladies? any updates on hugos' neck? is curvie getting better?

batty...i knew a mama of an older kid would get it lol. hope you got all your stuff done, so you could do sg!

daam...just missing you all today. my wish is that those who are no longer friends would let go of differences and past troubles; and know how lucky they are to still be near one another. *dramatic sigh*

~peace and love, moon
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hello?? wow, quiet thread!

found some pants for DS's yellow cat at the thrift shop. now we have to see how dyeable polyester baseball pants are. try it out this afternoon (after DS gets his daily dose of scooby...) also found a costume for me.

still no answer at hugos...

got twof my calendars done through Sept. my mom's is next, but as she will not be here for christmas (she's going to AZ to visit my bro) i am thinking she will come instead in Jan for kids' b-days, so no real rush! also going to take some of my doubles of plant pix and make notecards for gifts!

anybody see Spider? weird movie! didn't totally get it, so am listening to the director speak while the DVD is playing...

ok, kids are upstairs and a bit too quiet (esp after their moods towards each other yesterday...get them some punching bags too!)
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We're back.. went up to visit my mom for the weekend. She and my sister walked in a half-marathon and ended up all blistery, sore, and whiny. G had fun, though. Lots of people to look at and flirt with, and a big dog to slobber on her.

Mpls momma - I'm not the dye queen, that's Sara Mama. I would love to get together and tie-dye prefolds, though. DH got me a tie-dye kit for my birthday and it's still under the couch where I stuck it after opening the package. I'll email you about times.

Becca - I hear you about the 3 hour drive turning into a 4.5 hour drive. We left Ashland at 3:40 and got home at 8:45. This used to be a 3.5-4 hour drive, now 5 hours is good time. I'm looking forward to when G can turn around and see where we're going so I don't have to sit in back to entertain her. Very cramped back there. Oh, and no advice on solids... I've just given her bits of apple to taste/gnaw on. She didn't want the pear I was eating today, or a banana. She likes to use carrot sticks as batons, and DOES NOT like cooked and smashed carrots. Think I'll try some squash this week and see if that interests her. I've got a list of stuff to try.

Should go throw a load of diapers in the wash... I'm going to have to do two and don't want to have to do both tomorrow. Then, I'm going to bed. Oh, to sleep in my own bed. My parents' house is in the country and has a huge infestation of those Asian Lady Beetles. ICK! Not enough sleep due to a case of the heebie-jeebies.
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okay, now I got the heebee jeebees.

becca and jessikate- it's squash season and they love! it. my babe is crazy about spagetti squash. I cut it into little half inch hunks and he can 'chew' them with his gums and it falls apart. (of course I bake it for an hour or so first) other than that he eats cheerios and apple sauce. any green veggies must be mixed with apple sauce. and the raw tofu I tried made lots of gas. I think I'll bake it next time. and jess, I'd watch those apple chunks as I have heard that is often a choking hazard when they don't have many teeth. I got a babysafe feeder from ebay for $3.25 but he doesn't like it now. I think I missed the window. anyone want to try it? (disclaimer- I can't figure out how to get the bag out of it)

batty- dye the pants with tumeric, it always seems to stain my clothes!!! hehe. only if it sets with vinegar and doesn't rub off would this actually be a good idea.

dyeing prefolds!?! if only I had time for that...I haven't even gotten 4 rows of knitting done. mpls mama, once your baby stops sleeping 3 hrs at a time are you going to wish you'd organized something else instead? oh, well, I forget you do have a partner (though it sounds like you don't see much of him).

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Okay, I'm behind. Here is what I posted on *last* week's thread...duh.

Mpls_M We have two experts then...saramama dyed hers too...
I think we are due for a dye party.
btw...LOL to the b.m.a.d. club. I am so there!

Becca pm'd you.

Moon I hear ya on the spanking. I know you ain't gonna do it. I was just telling Hugos in the street after nearly dragging by kids to the vehicle the other day..."Call CPS. They are here in the car. I'll be in New Mexico." It's the same needed sick humor outlet I had when Fish was wee three and my friend gave me permission to always call and say, "I'm gonna beat him". This all may not be funny to all of you...I get that full heartedly, but for some of us sickos it is a coping mechanism to verbally or otherwise vent nasty things in "secret".

On a more positive sounding note, moon... I have a major whiner and drama boy. He truly is quite sensitive, but we have been talking a lot lately about feelings. It is important to have our feelings and be allowed to, but there is a time when I know he feels his reaction is "too big". I'm trying to help him recognize that line and help him not cross it by taking out his mads or his drama on me n bro. Good luck there. I think you need some legwarmers and Pat Benatar too.

Okay so now for this week...

My poor neighbors. U says as of last night that Curvie is *slowly* on the mend...still needing to rest rest rest.

Hugos...she is in pain and her family is...shall we say, not nurturing her?!?! She does have super cool new wheels though! That is the good news. I have only been able to support her with love notes, coffee, and dark chocolate...she needs so much more.

oh, and Moon~ I have the same wish. I TRULY...WHOLE HEARTEDLY feel the same. Wish you would have been here to slap us around. Wish you were here now to slap us around.

Okie Dokie Smokies.

Now I REALLY Gotta jam!

Welcome back from Canada kdmw and fam!!!

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hey mamas~

brown...exactly! i regularly call my girlfriend to announce i'm gonna beat the boy. i am trying to get him to talk about his feelings, but he is so pissy that mostly he says he's fine or not feeling anything. ugh. i will say that if he gives me that 16yo blank stare one more time...

curvie and hugos...thinking of you daily my sisters! at tumeric. i should just take all my clothes and dip them in boiling tea or coffee, then maybe do some designs in olive oil?

jessi...welcome back. glad you had a good time.

daam...watched 'waiting for guffman', funny movie! took ds to a safety fair yesterday, and got tons of freebies and info. also got another dose of firemen.

have to get ready for homeschool parkday. love you!!!
~peace and love, moon
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hey, yo mamas

DAAM: A is superduper stoked, he of course will be Victoria from CATS for halloween AND will be SEEING Victoria IN CATS ON halloween- right in the front even - now the refrain of "is it halloween yet?" will become an hourly chant, i betcha

moon over my hammy!!!!! wuzzzzuuup hot mama - i've found that within all my friends online and otherwise that have boys, age 4.5-5 is h.a.r.d, harder than toddler fer sure. Good news is that for everyone i've bugged for details that's been clear they love the kid hate the behaviour, 5.5 and up is sunshine and light (until puberty, ha) as far as the evil looks and behaviors around emotions.

Empathy kicks in AFTER the realization we affect others' feelings, and it SUCKS trying to make the two connect in their brains- like they suddenly figure out they HAVE feelings, which also means they suddenly figure out they have the power to manipulate other people's feelings, and they just don't give a damn for a good six months

~The biggest thing you're doing to help fabooB right now is letting him know you're there, you love him, you are frustrated as hell at his 'tude but you love him and will be THERE no matter what. It's a real reaction for us to want to lash out physically, and it's totally fine for our kiddos to know that we are also learning to control our own impulses-- the worst thing we can do is not to struggle with striking our kids, but to give the impression we don't want/love/support them when they are trying to figure themselves out. Physical consequences are a learned behaviour in us that has been subtly reinforced as ok our whole lives, and it takes time and a lot of work to retrain our instincts and snap reactions- saying "I'm pissed at the 'tude, i totally want to slap you right now but i won't, i'm going in the other room to calm myself down right now" is waaaaay different than saying something like "I'm pissed *at you* and wish i was not your mom, i'm going in the other room because i can't stand you right now"

Of course then you may end up with a kid whose negative comment at his first school evaluation is "Needs to work on asking before hugging or holding hands, especially when lining up" ~ we've had many discussions about boundaries and respecting bodies in the last six months, and needless to say many more in the last four weeks ~ when they will sink in i don't know!!!!

hey all you hotties that i missed at SummerLover's shindig~ wasn't she GORGEOUS?!?!?!?!?!?! holy smokes!!!!

elaine i'm with you and moon - one of these days coffee, tea, and herb spotted clothing is gonna be the rage on the runways!

brown ~ is there really anything to life BUT coffee and dark chocolate??? we're talking lifeblood here!!

jessikate ~ i have never been scared of ladybeetles before, although i am of 99% of all other insects/bugs/etc - but MY WORD 50 flying around one's head is the stuff of nightmares!!!! EEEEEK!!! we've been getting a lot of dogs in at work with bites, too, darn bugs without brains!

batty - i was gonna see Spider in the theatre but kept seeing happy fun movies instead, wasn't ever in the mood- i didn't know it was out yet on dvd, gotta check it out now! how'd the pants turn out? thrift store costumes rule - i found my margot tenenbaum (fake) fur coat that was identical to hers for $15 last year!! rock! oh and hugos has no answering machine, blew up in the grand BrownHugosCurvie blackout of 2003!
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Hey mommas! Back from Quebec! We had such a good time and it was *so* beautiful there, that it felt hard to hit the road for the 23 hour drive home. It really feels like you are in Europe up there...all french speaking and cobblestone streets. The kids absolutely loved it (they didn't even mind the driving!!); by the time we left, Nygel was picking up some french, saying "bonjour" and "merci"!
We are hoping to go back again next year (if not before); the kids want to try the luge out next time-- will have to see about that one, I think.

Yesterday it was back into the swing of things. I had to help out in their Sunday school, and then Alec and Imala had their first recital in the afternoon! I was a nervous wreck, but the kids (especially Alec) were perfectly fine. I am one proud momma over here.

So sorry to hear about the sickies (hugs to you, Littlecurvie!) and bad backs and such. Hope Hugos is doing better. How about you, Moon?

I am so envious of all you knittin' mommas...hope to maybe get to join you this saturday. Are you still meeting...?

What forgeting tons...oh! my sil is *okay*!! Her results came back negative. So happy for her; thanks for all the good thoughts, mommas.

Summerlover~ Wish I could have been there to celebrate with you! Sounds like it was beautiful! Congratulations!!!

Hafta run and do school stuff now. Hope all are well today and those feeling rough heal soon!

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hey girlies~

i'm beat! long but very fun day at homeschool parkday, followed by a late lunch out. then dh took me to the most amazing place; a restaurant supply store! heaven on earth. he bought me a glass olive oil bottle in the shape of the eiffel tower. if that wasn't enough, we went to an education supply store (same parking lot). i got my very first 'teacher discount' card!! bought ds spanish flash cards, and a huge wipe-off poster of the united states.

catt...hmm sounds familiar. have we met? i used to know a catt, twin sister actually, but she fell off the face of the earth. weird thing is that i was thinking about her just this afternoon. couldn't be the same catt i said 'plop' straight off the planet.

kd...welcome home! i'm jealous! i want to go to quebec too. i'm glad you and the fam enjoyed it so. yay for your sister!!!!!! you must be so relieved.

~peace and love, mg
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"plop" BWAHAHA

and you don't wanna go to quebec, you wanna go to france!

A talks about B's 'tiny jumping spiders' all the time, to the point that i forget sometimes he wasn't there! Hugosmoma and i decided that next year we are flying out there and forcing you to roadtrip back with us. S will be wondering why in the hell his wife has been replaced with a caffeinated, jabbering, chronically giggling person who takes three hours to walk to the bedroom, but hey, all in the name of mamabonding, eh?

i just reread my earlier post and i am wondering why Hugos is not sharing her dark chocolate, the punk!!!

kd how could you not just die hearing Nygel speaking french??? Mr Sauve Internationale, huh? glad to hear the drive went fine, and very glad to hear your sister is ok! are alec and imala all in love with canada? i remember my first trip being very enamoured of the money, real bubble gum ice cream, cream soda that was pink, and bilingual toothpaste tubes
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bilingual sour cherry gum - that was the biggest treat! I love Canada too, but don't speak a word of French, well, maybe the 2 words that Nygel knows. Am much more comfortable in Spanish speaking cultures. Those pics were gorgeous kd, maybe we all need a mamabonding trip out to Quebec by way of LA to scoop up Moon. Wouldn't that be fun? don't laugh or I'll make you all go, watch out! hmmm- convertibles again or should we all rent Harleys?
oh, & are you serious Catt? opening night? woo hoo! Tell him Victoria's solo dance was just choreographed and she does it beautifully of course - and all on a tiny platform and on an oversized director's stool on the set. She's amazing & very sweet, and a mama. She was wearing a unitard that was cut very low in the back, is built like a cross between Wackadoo, Talia and you, and her dd had the gall to say "oh mooooom, you CAN'T wear that, your back is too fat!" this all as dd was heading off to school and K off to rehearsal!
hey my sisters~

catt...there is a summer roadtrip being discussed in this very household, so no need for kidnapping maybe. oddly it was dh's idea. still just in the 'hey let's rent a winnie' stage, reality (lack of money) doesn't exsist in this stage of course. don't wanna jinx it by talking further about it though.

snow...heck i'd kill for n's bod alone! wait that sounded dirty lol, you know what i mean.

daam...ds is sick. nothing serious, just low fever and crabby(er than usual). i got the package from the ca board of tourism yesterday! i'm so glad i found that idea on the net. now he has a huge calendar of the state, magazines and brochures, and a california missions activity/coloring book! next month we're studying utah, and i've already written to their tourism board. freebies rock. it is also cool to have all that info on my state, i recommend you all get one of mn.
ok gonna finish up online then snuggle with sickie.
~peace and love, moon
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Mamas, tell your babies: DO NOT STICK A BEAD UP YOUR NOSE! (or don't tell them if that gives them ideas - hell, I don't know which is best)

The Midget and I spent 3 1/2 hrs last night in the ER at Mpls Children's Hospital while they attempted many different methods to remove said bead. The nanny had picked her up from Club Kid and as they were driving away M told her "A, I have a bead stuck in my nose. It's pink". It was way high, just barely visible.
I'd driven from rehearsal to Q's dance class to get her last night, the teacher said "Q called, she's not here because M had a small accident and you are to go right home". So I sped home only to find a note from the nanny that they were on their way to Childrens because Manon had a bead stuck in her nose.
Maude knows why she did it - she's only 4, they do things like this I guess, even the smartest of them. Children's was wonderful, But oh mamas, it was awful, took forever, & I won't go into details about removal, just that you want to avoid it if at all possible. We are slowly recovering from the trauma of it all. Please don't mention it to her, she's embarrassed. But quick - go hide all the beads in your house!
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Snow - May I just say that I'm LOL? I feel for you mama, and poor M. How embarassing,she prolly thought it be simple to take out, after all, it went in easy . It's one of those things you'll laugh about later, maybe much later.

Ok, I missed a ton of the thread and can't remember all that I did read.

Welcome Back Kdwm! Quebec sounds great.

Moon- maybe coming up here?

DAAM- W is weaned. She hasn't nursed in about a week. I'm not sure if I'm happy about that or not?
She seems fine, I didn't push but this week she wanted to try once or twice and I told her there wasn't anymore milk. So now she snuggles with 'her boobies'.

Dh is back at work. I finally got used to having him home, then he went back

Working on school stuff with S. We're doing good. She prefers math to all else so she's half way through the math for the YEAR. But we're slacking on

I must find different ciricclum for next year. I can not do another year of lifepacs. Waaayyyy to heavy on the Christianity for me. Plus the science sucks to teach. i like science and I hate the program.
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hey mamas~

snow...eeek! how is her little nose today?

will...have you seen's teacher site? lots of stuff to pick through.

daam...slacking on my diet. can't stop myself from drinking sodas and eating crud. wonder why it comes and goes like that.

gotta go! i'll try to get online later.
~peace and love, moon
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thought ER was new...not. so here i am real quick before bed...

oh, poor M! and poor you, snow! hope your heartbeat is back to normal!

willows--glad you are all taking the weaning well. it sure is a bittersweet moment!

moon--keep that planning coming! and hope DS feels better soon! nothing like sick kids...

DD vomitted twice yesterday, in the car and then in bed, but was ok today. not overly energetic, but not vomitting either. guess we were due, as diarrhea was rampant in Toddlers last week and the vommiting was starting in preschool this week.

got a kangaroo for DD's costume tonight. had to go to Zany Brainy (and payed $24, so will keep looking for a cheaper one...) b/c i couldn't find one at target, toys'r'us, or creative now DS wants a yellow kitten for his costume, as "daddy cats can carry kittens too".

ok, nothing else too exciting...
won't be at the Sat spot, as i have to go to bridal shower for DH's stepbro's fiancee...
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hey quiet mamas~

batty...oh no! i hope dd is better soon. $24 is alot! what made her want to be a kangaroo? so cute.

daam...ds got a halloween party invite in the mail yesterday! he is so excited. guess i'd better finish his costume. he's feeling much better today. i'm gonna keep him home still, cuz there is tons of stuff going around. when dh gets home i'm flyin' solo to the library! wohoo i'm so wild!
a gf and i watched a french film 'the piano teacher'. it was good, but so freaky! the woman was psycho. i really like this netflix service! so many films to choose from. right now ds is watching 'the thornberry movie', and we're expecting 'the matrix reloaded' to arrive today! such fun for only $20 a month.

ok i'm drinking coffee so babbling.
~peace and love, moonie loonie
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