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(also posted on the multiples forum)

I want to cloth diaper my twin girls (I have a two year old son who is in disposables). They are now 2 months old (1 week adjusted) and are just about 6 lbs. I have been using disposable since they were born, as they have been been so small (3 lbs at birth) and with the stress of the NICU, I just didn't want to also look into researching/learning about cloth diapering.

But now that they are bigger, it is something I (and my husband) really want to do. I have enough diapers stocked to last a few weeks, but once they are gone I'd like to make the switch.

I've been doing some researching and am torn between which type to get: either a fitted diaper with cover, a pocket, or an AIO. Cost is an issue, of course, but I also would like something that isn't horribly time consuming since there are two of ease is pretty important as well.

If you did fitted with covers, how many of each did you get? I would imagine you don't need as many covers since they don't get (as) dirty. If I were to do laundry every other day (is that reasonable for twins), how many would you recommend?

Likewise, if you did a pocket or AIO, how many did you buy?

I've also been reading reviews of brands, velcro vs snaps, etc. Any suggestions? Fuzzies seem to leak a lot, according to reviews, and velcro seems to not wash as well, so maybe brands with snaps are better?

And any tips on how you dealt with them while out...special bags, rinsing if you did fitted with covers so they wouldn't smell, etc.

Suggestions, tips, etc., would be welcome.

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I've been cloth diapering my twins since they were 3 weeks old and about 5 pounds. We had to start out in preemie prefolds with preemie covers because there was no way any OS pocket or AIO was going to fit them. Even at that point, the x-small FB was a bit big on them.

Here's what my stash looks like:
*36 preemie prefolds
*10 proraps preemie covers
*24 newborn prefolds
*14 kissaluvs size 0 fitteds
*4 x-small Fuzzibunz
*12 x-small thirsties covers (the duo cover wasn't out at the time, or I might have gone with that instead)
*24 regular infant prefolds
*24 premium infant prefolds
*48 premium prefolds
*10 small thristies covers

I plan on getting 10 of the thirsties size 2 duo wraps next. And I honestly haven't decided to use once they start walking. I'm thinking I'll stick with the prefolds and use some fitteds on occasion.

Here's what we've done:
--used the preemie prefolds for like 2 weeks before I moved up to the newborn size, used the covers until they were about 7 pounds
-- used the newborn prefolds until they were about 7 pounds then moved up to the infant size, only because I found it easier to put the bigger prefolds on them. We still use the fitteds and one of my babies wears the x-small covers.
--I never used the x-small fuzzibunz. Never once. total waste of my money lol!
-- i should have gotten all 4x8x4 infant prefolds instead of half 4x6x4 but I didn't realize what I had ordered (yay sleep deprivation) so I use the 4x6x4s for day/ awake time and the 4x8x4s for naps and nighttime.

I have 18 Bumgenius pockets, 5 fuzzibunz and 4 blueberry pockets. The plan had been for me to move them into pockets once they outgrew their newborn stash, but that is not going to happen. I LOVE my prefolds. I really do. I thought I would hate them but now i can't imagine using pockets. I've never once reached for them when diapering these babies so I don't see myself starting now. I'm going to sell off the new ones and keep my older ones (from when I was diapering my then 2 year old) incase I suddenly have the desire to use one.

I would think you would need at least 40 pockets to diaper twins and wash every other day, especially during the newborn stage. This is one of the reasons why I went with prefolds-- I'm kinda cheap that way.

The main benefit for prefolds, for me, is they are not time consuming at all. You don't have worry about stripping or buildup. I can literally wash, dry, fold and put them away with one hand, which is awesome. Stuffing pockets took so much time when I was diapering 1 kid, I honestly couldn't find the time to stuff at least 20 pockets a day for 2 babies. The extra time I spend putting a prefold on them vs. using a pocket is far less combined than the time I would spend stuffing pockets. I chose not to use an AIO because they take so long to dry and I never really got into fitteds but I don't mind them at all. I'd use them before I'd use a pocket, for sure.

With 48 diapers (prefolds) I normally do one load on say a monday night, and then another load on wednesday morning, a load on Thursday night and then a load on Saturday morning... if that makes sense. When they were younger, there were some days I 'd do a load everyday (I should have bought 36 newborn prefolds to have at least 4 dozen total diapers and not had to worry about washing everyday.)

When we go out I still use the prefolds. I have 2 medium wetbags that I rotate for small trips out (less than 6 hours) and I have 1 large wetbag for the times we are out longer. I haven't used cloth on big trips, more than a day, because they would take up too much room when packing. We have enough stuff to take already. I've never had a problem with smell when we go out, I just put them in the bag as is and rinse when we get home, but i just started rinsing after they started on solids-- they had breastfed baby poop before then so they didn't really smell. It is kind of gross to fish a poopy diaper out of a wetbag to rinse, but I've dealt with worse while being a mom

For our home time, I use a dry pail with a liner. I just use a regular garbage can, I can't remember the size, but it isn't huge, maybe 15 gallon (still would fit under the kitchen sink) and then I have an extra liner for when one is in the wash. Never had a problem with smell because I keep it open.

I do use cloth wipes at home, but use disposables when we are out, mainly out of laziness. I keep disposable wipes in the diaper bag anyway for cleaning dirty faces and surfaces so it is easy for me to just use them for their bums too.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Feel free to ask questions, I know this is kind of jumbled. Congrats on your babies!

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I use fitteds with covers, and my guy goes through about a dozen diapers a day, more or less. I wash every other day, and I have about 30 dipes in my stash, so for twins you'd need to double that.

Personally, I love fitteds way more than prefolds, but my little guy can pee right through a prefold. Not to mention that a fitted is easier for me to get on him "right", and less likely to leak out the leg. We only have 2 PUL covers (1 each NB and Sm), and a bunch of wool (some of which I knit, some I bought and some I swapped for). Fitteds of all natural materials are just as easy to wash as prefolds, they don't have the problems of the sythetics like pockets or the drying time of AIOs (usually).

Honestly, considering the size of the stash you'd have to buy, I'd probably start with NB prefolds and covers now, and just buy OS fitteds (most of these won't fit right until they put on a bit of weight) - something like a GoodMama which should fit forever (although honestly you may want to go for something with a snap-down rise... I just know the Little Beetles OS with a snap-down rise probably wouldn't fit for quite a while since they still don't fit my 5 mo in the waist). Although I'm partial to my SBish pinned OS, not sure you want to mess with pins. And then I'd probably go with wool... with twins, dealing with diaper, cover then clothes at every change would get tiring - diaper then pants is so much easier.

Oh, and in the question of closures... considering the failure rate of Aplix, not to mention it snagging on everything if you forget to fix the laundry tabs, and that it's way too easy to not get it on tight enough - I much prefer snaps. Side snaps to be exact. Although I love my tie dipes and my pin dipe, in the argument of aplix vs snaps, it's snaps all the way.
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