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twins and family bed safety

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We co-sleep with our boys who are nearly nine months. They're getting pretty mobile these days. We have guard rails on the sides of the bed, but they only cover about 2/3 of the sides. This morning Thomas woke up really early and usually when that happens he just kind of rolls around and keeps himself entertained while all the rest of us doze. Well, this morning he rolled himself down to the end of the bed and fell off where the rail ends. Our bed is only 18" so he was more surprised than hurt, but it could have been bad. So I guess my question is this... how do co-sleepers keep your whole family contained in the bed?
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my girls are only coming up on 8 mos but i have them together in a crib, side-carred. i block the opening with my body so they can't get out. i remember with my oldest ds, teaching him very very early how to back down off bed feet first, before he could walk. don't know HOW i'll do this with twins
: i can still hear us coaching "feetfirstfeetfirst!" ad nauseum.
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my son didn't figure out how to back off the bed until 12 months or so, and he STILL will get over excited and would roll off if we weren't quick enough to grab him (although he has fallen off 2x).
I don't know about twins, but with our dd we took away the box spring and base and just put the mattress on the floor. We put pillows around the edges too, just in case. It looked pretty funny for a while, but worked!
We also put our mattress on the floor
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we put our beds on the floor (no box springs, so it was only about 8 inches or so) and our matresses filled the room on three sides, so only the foot of the bed was open
i have a pretty tall bed and between the two of them, they've crawled straight off the end of the bed atleast 3-4 times. i feel horrible when it happens and put them to sleep in their own crib at night. then i take them into my bed one by one as they wake up to nurse.

now when they start to wake i make myself wake up because i know i can't trust myself, they're just too fast.
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