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<span>hello our twins are almost 3 months old. My husband and I started the method 10 days ago. We r wondering if any one knows of other twins on this method. We have more challenges deciding whom to potty at the moment when both are fussing. I'd love to hear from them!<br><br>
A few general questions --- Right now (since our sudden decision to do this was so sudden...)we are using disposables with cloth inside them and changing them as soon as they pee-if we miss it. Should we be expecting to have them wear diapers until they can sign? Months? 7-8? If so has anyone tried the little brief diapers that will only hold one pee? Or do you use cloth.<br><br>
Our little girl spends forever with little poos does this change? The multiple poos to one time over and done with?<br><br>
We have done a few trips out of the house. I have them in disposables and dont change them very often. Should I be more on it? Does it matter to have part of the day off the method.<br><br>
Thanks for your thoughts and wisdom.</span>
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