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Hi, I need your opinions and advice on this. My ds who is two months is coughing. Not a lot but when he does the poor thing seems to cough so hard and his face gets all red and he almost runs out of air. This weekend he was surrounded by his toddler cousins. They have been vaxed but we caught one of them coughing near him and the other one sneezing near him. Should I be worried about that? I have a humidifier and a purifier in our room where dh and I co sleep with him as we live in a place with very dry air. My question is what are my options for a multivitamin for him? And what else would you all do to get this cough to go away? I'm not vaccinating him. I'm thinking about getting him a multivitamin that the formula I use (enfamil) manufactures called poly vi sol. Have any of you used it, and did you like it? What else is there? I also give him probiotics for infants. Please help. TIA
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