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When your babies have transitioned from two naps a day to one, did they do that at the exact same time period???
Doesn't seem likely...
How on earth does that work!
We have always had one that slept less, is much harder to get to go to sleep, and stay asleep... and lately if he takes a good nap early on, he takes forever to sleep later, and not for very long.

I am a working mom, so most days DH takes care of them, and he pretty much always has to drive them to sleep for their naps. What has been happening lately is the "good sleeper" goes right to sleep, while the other is just up, talking, or sometimes unhappy, and will *eventually* go to sleep, but sometimes it takes so long that the other one is waking up!

Other days when I am home with them I nurse them to sleep laying down on our bed, and I have been having similar struggles, where the one settles right down and goes to sleep, but the other is fighting it, talking laughing crying playing, etc, but will eventually go to sleep. But if we are talking about an hour nap and it takes him 30 minutes to settle down...

Anyway, what I'm wondering is: is he trying to transition to less sleep? I have heard that when this happens you "drop" the first nap and bring the second nap earlier... but DH or I am always alone and we haven't had any success in laying them down sleepy but awake, or any other methods of doing one at a time.

The boys are almost 11 months BTW.

Thanks for any advice, ideas or suggestions!

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At 11 months it's unlikely that they are moving to one nap (though not impossible, I suppose.) I suspect it's a phase and the reluctant napper will go back to two naps for a while longer.

At that age, I was also still driving them for naps. There's really no easy solution to this, especially when twin has different sleep needs. Personally, I found I had to get them both to sleep at the same time (roughly) or I would go insane (thus the driving, or stroller walks).

I do recall that the transition to one nap took about 4 or 5 months for my twins. During that time, I designated some days "one nap" days and some days "two nap" days, depending how crabby they were.

By about 18 months, mine were down to one nap a day and I was successful in getting them to both nap at home at the same time (by nursing to sleep).

This nap transition is a rough one. Just try to go with the flow and hang in there!
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