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Two Questions: Wine and Food Poisoning

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Okay I have two hypotheticals:

1. If I drink one glass of red wine do I still need to pump-n-dump? I have a dear friend who has one glass everynight with dinner and has never p&d'd. She said it's not enough to affect her child and has done this with two kids now. They both seem fine. (Mine is 4 months' old and I've never had alcohol while nursing but would love to on occasion have one or a 1/2 glass of wine).

I've already put away the pump (it was a Godsend during thrush but we EBF now and I'm relieved as that's sooo much easier) and wonder if I needed to get it out again. I'd rather not deal with P&D since she eats on demand and I have no backup stock.
: What do you think?

2. While pg, I got food poisoning. I know if I were to get sick with a virus or cold or what have you, while BFing, I should definitely keep BFing to give baby protection against whatever I've got. *BUT* what about food poisoning? Not that I plan to get it mind you -- I'm very careful -- but what if a mama gets food poisoning? Should she still BF or would it pass through the breastmilk? Just curious.

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A glass of wine is usually considered fine while nursing. If possible, drink as soon as possible after nursing and as long as possible before the next nursing session, but the amt that baby gets is very minimal.

As far as food poisoning, I'd keep nursing if I were able- just my instinct- absolutely nothing 'real' to go by.
On the food poisoning (b/c this happened to me), be sure you keep yourself hydrated. I had such a bad case that I couldn't keep down liquids, and bf'ing contributed to some awful dehydration. I fixed it by slowly eating ice chips and popsicles. Ds never noticed a thing, though!
I have and have had wine while nursing dd. I don't judge by the glass, though. I tend to stop long before I start feeling the effects. Which after not having wine for a long time was about 1/4 of a glass.

I don't know for sure about food poisoning but would imagine that your body is expelling it so fast that none would get to the baby.

Originally Posted by mamabear&babybear
your body is expelling it so fast that none would get to the baby.
You're not kidding about that. Ugh.
Yep, i occassionally have a glass of wine and have never pumped and dumped. In fact I was told a small glass can help with production or to relax you to help with letdown.
I have also had food poisoning and continued to nurse. Though it was NOT fun. I was on my own as DH was gone on business and has a nursing infant who wanted to nurse around teh clock while I was throwing up every 30 minutes or more. I would nurse while fighting naseua, pop him off to run to teh bathroom and be sick, go back and nurse him some more and TRY to guzzle water like a mad woman. UGH!

all i can say is, thank god for wine! i need a glass or two of my own "mother's milk" sometimes, too! From all the reading i've done on the subject (during pregnancy, too) -- if you can't feel it, neither can baby. moderation is key...
I have heard that a glass of wine or a beer can be very helpfull to a mom who is having trouble with let down. It relaxes you enough that let down happens.
I drink a glass of wine a couple of times a month. I just make sure it is after my ds has gone to sleep for his 3 hour stretch at night. I have heard that the alcohol levels peak around 1.5 to 2 hours. So I make sure there is at least more than 2 hours after I have my glass of wine before I nurse him again.
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