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...mentioned to me this weekend how much they like our garden!
One woman told me how much she appreciates all the work we've been doing on the yard, and the other one said, "It's been years since this house had flowers!"

We're nowhere near done with the landscaping yet - I'm planning to "surprise" dh with some flowering shrubs tomorrow, if I get the chance to go to the nursery - but we do have a lot of nice flowerpots on our little patio, and our veggie garden has done really well. It just made me feel so good!

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That is nice to hear isn't it?!?! I have not noticed much in the way of gardens/flowers on my road.I have not had anyone comment,but there seems to be massive approval from the below listed animals I see coming daily,lol:

Squirrels(caught one doing a shake down of the bottle bird feeders we put up)
rabbits(the babies are adorable)
racoons(family of 6!)
stray cat
dragon flies
and a hawk I think

I told my mom,who gets everything eaten in her yard that I am only missing the herd of deer that she gets.

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Isn't that a great feeling?!? Congrats!

I've gotten a few comments on my veggie garden, which is fairly close to the sidewalk. DH was adamently opposed to the placement (he wanted me to hide it out back) and I had to promise him that if we got any complaints from the neighbors (and ours ARE the kind to complain if they don't like something
), it had to go. I'm pretty sure I just beam anytime someone stops by to compliment me on it.
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