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I was not sure what to title this so FORGIVE ME!

Ok Here is the link to:


Here is the link to:

The family blog

the yspound liek and MDC style family. All teh Mom did was want to explore options and DISAGREE with the ONE Docs "prescription" for treatment! She knew her rights and they were still illegally violated!

I think they should treat her for what her body calls for and not standard protocol. Nobody will look at that," she said. "Not every cancer is the same. Nobody understands that. Her body is not standard, and her cancer is not standard."
This is from the blog, sounds like one of our own!!

Why are the doctors doing this, Katie appears to be part of a study where they allocate kids randomly to one treatment, say standard Chemo + Radiation, and Chemo only in the other treatment. Parents are not informed of this. They are doing research on our kids. Collecting research money from the drug companies I guess. Dr. Alter said before " I don't need your permission to do it." This is wrong. Parents (should) have a right to choose the best medical treatment for their child. Apparently not in Texas. The State (CPS) is trying to do it for my child. This is not a case of medical neglect where I have not sought treatment or refused to allow my child to be treated. She went through 4 chemo treatments and we had to watch her suffer through that ordeal and were by her side all the way, the doctor and nurses weren't there for her. Call the Hospital, demand a full investigation, go public, get tv and radio stations to pick up the story and interview the parents. We may be in jail by then, so hurry.
Please read it all! I felt ill when I saw it! get the word out! More proof that Docs are seen as gods in our country...
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