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TyeDying Prefolds?

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I am getting a bunch of prefolds for the new baby and was wondering about dyeing them. I have never tyedyed with anything but the kits. Will the dye that comes in the kits hold up to hot washes? or do you dye with different dyes? Anything special I need to do? or know?

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The dyes in the tie-dye kits are what you need. They will hold up in hot washes if you let them "cure" long enough and don't forget the soda ash.
fiber reactive(aka procion) dyes actually bond on a molecular level with the cotton, so the colors become part of the fabric.

Also check out the Fiber Arts Forum for tons of info and advice on using fiber reactive dyes and tie-dyeing techniques in general. I found that when I understood how the dyes worked, I did a better job using them to make beautiful(well, atleast in my eyes!) end-products.

You can also PM me

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