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Tykie is having a sale!

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Tykie Diapers is having a nice sale. Everything is marked down. I have seen her dipes IRL and they are awesome. If I were not so so on the wagon I would snatch up a fitted. They're perfect.

Shop!!! And let me live vicareously through you!
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Must.. resist.. Harry Potter.. diaper..

ETA: How'd that jump in my cart!?
What Harry Potter diaper????
The Large organic cotton one that's been there for close to a month taunting me. I had my revenge!
I've had several Tykies fitteds and have loved every single one of them! I just bought 2 baseball diapers for fairying purposes.
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: I LOVE those prints. (where is the bag without eyeholes?) I so wish I could unchain myself

I love Ann's prints. They are so much fun to look at. And her diaperbags are great I hear!
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I just clicked on the link and it says the store is closed temporarily for upgrades.

Just as well, b/c I don't have money to spend
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