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I posted last week with a question about how old was too old for the kids still to be sleeping with me (my kids are 8,6 and 4yr old twins) My instinct has always been to wait it out, that they'd move out on their own eventually, but I was feeling a little unsure (mostly due to outside pressure) so finding this place was a godsend - I got some great input and started to feel much more comfortable with my descision, so isn't it typical that my ds decided (on his own as I haven't mentioned it to him), a few nights ago, that now is the perfect time for him to move out
. He is now officially sleeping in his own bed, in his own room, and as his little sis is really competative I have no doubt she'll be following him very soon

I'm really glad things have gone so smoothly and he feels secure and confident enough to finally move away from me (he's had issues with security and clinging to me in the past) but oh, I do miss my baby boy. Not that I'm exactly alone at all
and at least there's a bit more room for my enormous bump because I'm feeling big enough to pop right now
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Good for you in following your instincts!
So much for the naysayers claiming, "He'll NEVER sleep in his own bed" (one of my personal faves by the way
) I'm at the point that I don't WANT DS (3.5) to sleep in his own bed, but, like you, I know he'll leave our co-sleeping nest when he's ready.

Again, Hip Hip Hurrah for you!
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Originally Posted by familylove
So much for the naysayers claiming, "He'll NEVER sleep in his own bed" (one of my personal faves by the way
Are you ever tempted to tell them that it's okay, because his wife is welcome, too?? The only thing that stops me is that I suspect most of them would think I was serious, instead of realizing just how absurd the "never" assertion really is...
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