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U/S - Could YOU tell?

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Hi mamas,

Well, DH and I are not finding out the baby's sex before birth. We had our anatomy u/s in late May, and then last week had to have a follow-up level 2 to re-check some heart valves (that now seem fine btw).

I have felt since early days that this was a little boy in me. However, at the u/s I saw no signs of male genitalia ... and from what I've heard from friends w/ boys, it was kind of obvious at their u/s. Just curious what your experience has been?

I saw a shot of the thighs at one u/s, and of the kidneys at another, and neither one seem to reveal any kind of male anatomy. Of course, I am far from a doctor so certainly I may just not have known what I was looking at, and we did tell the tech we didn't want to know. Anyhow, I've just lately been thinking huh, maybe there is a little girl in there...

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We didn't find out for this one or the first, but the tech did a ggod job zooming past and turned the screen when she was close.
With my girls, I haven't been able to tell -- but then I didn't see any external genitalia.

However, when I was pregnant for the first time, with MZ boy twins, I still couldn't really tell, unless the tech totally zoomed in and one of the boys had his legs spread, ya know?
ummm, the tech and i discussed the difference~ apparently the "boy" moneyshot looks like a turtle (?!?) and the "girl" view is simply the three lines.

haven't confirmed this time around though!!
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This is the first time I really can tell it's a boy. All 4 before I couldn't tell they were boys, so, unless you get a good shot, you might not know...
All three of my boys were show offs, but even then, if I hadn't seen the first to know what to look for might have missed it. Heck, this time it's a girl, but if she hadn't told me and shown me, I'd never have guessed.

I think you're pretty much where you wanted to be, still no idea
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I've never seen anything definitive on any of our u/s. I had 3 total (2 that could've shown) with DS1, one with DS2, and one this time. I have videos of all that I've studied and studied and can't tell! Of course, each time, we've said we did NOT want to know, and there wasn't much exploration in that area - if at all!

At one point on the video for this baby, it almost looks like there's a "protrusion" that might indicate boy. BUT the u/s at that point is at the level of *bones* and there really is not any "skin" or fleshy parts showing. So how would I see boy parts if we're looking deep enough to be basically only showing bones?

U/S are really unusual things and without a direct, proper-depth view, it's really easy NOT to know!
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Not in your DDC, but with Alivia, I told the u/s tech when I walked in that I was sure I was having a girl. She told me part-way through that because she has so many grandsons that she always refers to babes as "hes" but she kept calling mine a "she"! Then, we got to the genetalia. I shouted out right away: "There's three lines! It's a girl!!!!" She was SHOCKED that I knew what to look for and that, most importantly, I was RIGHT!
to my untrained eye I couldn't tell, nor could my DH.
Well it sounds like you are right Apryl - I still have no idea, which is just where I wanted to be! Heather that is also a good point about the bones -- one shot I saw was of the actual thigh bones, so I guess I wouldn't see anything either way at that level...

I really don't recall seeing anything that looked like 3 lines or that looked like a turtle, so I've got nothing to do but wait 18 more weeks or so

Last night I dreamt it was a little red-headed girl. In early days I was having boy dreams all the time. October will definitely be a surprise!
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For us, we didn't find out last time, never saw anything to give it away (I knew he was a boy though). This time, we did want to know and the tech told us after she was done with great certainty. I asked if there was a %, as I'd heard others say they were 85% sure or whatever. She said she'd show us and got me back on the table. Then, she was having trouble finding it! She even turned on something that would show her blood flow through the cord, to make sure she wasn't seeing that instead. Then she said "There!" and pointed out to us what was supposed to be penis/scrotum. Well, it wasn't all that clear to us, I mean, I saw something, but if she hadn't pointed it out...SHE was quite sure though.

So, we'll see! Either way, we're happy.
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