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U/S on Thursday! Updated with results!

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Think good, healthy baby thoughts for us. Our u/s is tomorrow (Thursday) at 10 am. We are doing an echocardiogram b/c dh's family has a genetic heart condition.

I'm so excited I don't know if I'll be able to sleep.

Yes, we are finding out the sex of the baby.

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Best wishes to you!! Try to get some rest while you can, I know it can be really exciting knowing you could know soon what you are having!!!
We'll be swimming in girls! Three girls for us.

I'm pretty excited. Dh is working through the "I'll never have a son" issue but he's happy about it, too.

Yea! Everything looked good with her heart, too.

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Congratulations! DH and I have decided to find out the gender in our upcoming u/s next thurs. I haven't had any "feelings" one way or another yet. So happy that all is well with her heart too.
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congrats on another girl! Did you tape the ultrasound?
Dh will work through it and will relish playing ball with his girls, teaching them to drive, and all those father-"son" things just fine!
No, we didn't tape the u/s. It was actually pretty boring--nothing but the heart, really. I mean, he looked for the gender and we saw her face a little, but her head was kind of tucked down so it was hard to see a profile. The echo is long and she kept moving like a jumping it wasn't your typical u/s.

That's okay, though! I could still tell she has my other daughter's nose and she sucked her thumb and yawned really big.

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