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U/S this afternoon!

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hi everyone, i have my ultrasound appointment today at 2pm. please send healthy, active, and non-modest baby vibes my way!!!
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Thinking of you and sending tons o' open leg, healthy baby vibes!
Good luck! I'll be checking back for your update!
Good luck! We'll be waiting!
i'm back! well, the baby was a BIT shy, so it's really just a best guess.. but they really think GIRL!!!! so if they are right, then this is baby Athena Margaret Lauren!

i don't know anything else, as to whether she's perfectly healthy or not.. i'll have to wait until my next midwife appointment (july 9!!!!!!), unless there is a major problem, then they will call me sooner. but everything looked good to my (untrained) eyes!


Sweet pics!!!! Congrats on your next GIRL!!!!!!!!!
Congrats mama!!!
Is this the girl ddc or the nov ddc? There's a lot of girls.

Congratulations. Athena is a very pretty name.
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1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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