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u/s today

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The bean is a ....

we are so excited ! All except dd that is, she wanted a sister
but we couldnt be happier as this is our last baby due to problems getting pregnant and itbeing so hard on my body. So now we will have a set
: .
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Yay! Congratulations! Our first was a girl and second a boy, my H ran from the room before the tech could even finish the word boy, to call his dad!
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Your bit about your DD made me think of my cousin's son - he's got 2 sisters and really really wanted a boy in the family to play with. when his uncle's wife got pregnant, he waited eagerly for his (hopefully boy!) cousin to be born. & when the big day came, & he found out his new cousin was another girl, he ran from the room crying. he got over it though! (and now he's expecting twin boy cousins - so that should make up for it!)

But anyway, congrats, & enjoy it!
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