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I got pregnant with DD after two days of forgetting to put a new NuvaRing in. When I realized I'd forgotten I went and got the Morning After pill (NOT RU486, but the thing that's just like a super-strong birth control pill - mostly just because we figured we were too broke to have a baby yet
). Well, that embryo was obviously already implanted or somehow resisted the hormones...

My mom and sister and I were talking and we thought we ALL must have super-strong fertility somehow.... my sister got pregnant once on the pill and once right after stopping it. My mom got pregnant with me immediately after my sister was born, and while trying to do the "breastfeeding as contraception" thing. My grandma (mom's mom) has two daughters who are less than a year apart, and my great-grandma also did, and her mom had 14 children in all!

Does anyone else have this, ahem, blessing running in their family?
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