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I've been pretty fertile, but I don't know if it's a family thing...

See, my mom had secondary infertility after I was born. She had tests, laparoscopy (which was a very new thing back then) my dad wore boxers (I only know because laundry was my chore, I didn't make the connection until YEARS later) and mom charted her cycles. Finally she got pregnant with my sister when I was 6, and had another baby 18 months after that. When my youngest sister was 7, she got pregnant again, and had my "baby" brother.

My Grandma on the other hand had 5 kids in comparatively quick succession, and her mom had 5 or 6...

I am going to give all the credit to my mom making me eat all those organic foods and take all those vitamins when I was growing up!

My Dh is an only, but his parents both come from families of 4 kids.
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