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UC and Rhogam

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I have been planning to UP and UC my next baby. We are trying to concieve right now. Anywho, I am A- and dh is A+ as well as our dd. So I have read Anti-D in Midwifery and I although I know the chance of blood crossing over is small I am still undecided about wether I want to take that chance. I will NOT get it at 28 weeks. So if I go to the ER for it say, 2 days after the birth, do I have to worry about them calling CPS or something. I am in Mississippi and I just want to make sure that I am within my legal rights and my kids will not be snatched. I am pretty sure the worse they can do is call me bad names, but they would pretty much have no legal recourse, right? Is there anywhere I can find this info. I don't have a good family doc and we are military so I can't switch, so she is out of the picture as far as help goes. TIA
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Well, I'm not qualified to give you legal advice, and don't know the laws in Mississippi, but I'm pretty sure it won't be a problem. It will be a hassle though, because the hospital doesn't know what to do with a new mom that hasn't given birth in the hospital, and the lab isn't use to walk ins for something like that. If you can get a doctor or midwife who will give it to you in their office (or home) you will be much happier. If you are military you may be able to see someone for a prenatal or 2 and talk to them about doing the rogham after the baby is born. Even better is to find a midwife that is willing to give you the shot after baby is born.
I've heard a few whacked out military stories here at MDC, so I wouldn't put it past them to try to stir up trouble. There are a few military moms here on the UC forum, maybe retitle the thread so as to catch their attention, and they might be able to give you more information about the legal aspects.

What about going to a non-military doc? It would cost you, yes, but maybe it would be worth it for that peace of mind? And just tell them that you've been looking for a family doctor but haven't found one yet, and you had a homebirth so don't have a doctor to give you the rhogam shot. Family practice docs are usually pretty mellow. Maybe ask in a bigger forum here for recommendations for Mississippi?
Thanks for the advice. There really isn't a midwife I can find around here. We are up in Columbus and it is a pretty small base in a pretty small town. I'll have to think of something. Thankfully I have a lot of time
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