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I figured some of us pregnant UC'ing mamas might want a space to just talk about pregnancy related topics.
This will be my first planned UC (my dd was an unplanned UC and my ds was an induced hospital birth) and I am very excited!

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I read the UC board so uh but i've never got round to posting here before.

This is my first UC, ds was born at home in water but with two midwives there. I was very lucky in having a hands off midwife, i caught my son myself, only had one internal and they pretty much sat on the sofa on the other side of the room and left me to it. But they really did change the feel / energy, i knew i might have to fight for what i wanted and i didn't know them and suddenly i'm naked infront of strangers, it didn't bother me a great deal but i didn't feel really free. They also said some negative things which p'd me off.

So this time dh and myself have decided to go it alone, we have read some books reommended on a UC site inluding emergancy childbirth and i'm convinced that bad things don't happen if you just let nature take its course.

umm well thats me.

This is my second UP and I've found it the most life-changing and empowering thing I've ever done. It's amazing how much you learn, how much confidence and trust you gain and how you come to revere your body.
When I was pregnant with my first I had a hands-off midwife and I credit her for giving me a lot of the initial confidence and step forward to do my own care and love myself and my body. Now I'm hundreds upon hundreds of km away from her and I still think of her from time to time: she was an amazing friend and mentor.

With that pregnancy I was nervous. I'd had two miscarriages before her (two after her, as well) and while I wasn't one of those REALLY paranoid types that drive me CRAZY I do notice a distinct difference in how I viewed and trusted my body.
It feels like taking a deep, cleansing breath right through your uterus.
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I'm almost 12 weeks, wooohooo!! I can't wait to feel this little one!!
I am actually not going to have a UP, eventhough I want to ('ll be going to a midwife). It's not that I don't trust my body, I just don't trust the system. My state is the worst for prosecuting mothers (they can claim no prenatal care was endangering my child among other charges) and so I'm just too scared. I know my reasons might suck but I have to do what allows me to sleep at night. If we weren't poor I would probably make a different decision. The CPS thread here certaintly isn't helping calm my fears.
That sucks, Shaecoby. I am not Up'ing either, but for me it is my choice. I like prenantal care. I think it is fun. I'm weird, I guess. I like lying back and getting my blood pressure taken, I like peeing in a cup and testing it with those strips, I feel kind of like a mad scientist, I also can't wait to hear the heartbeat with the fetascope. I am just not sure I am comfortable with an attended birth. having prenantal care does allow me to keep my options open though.
I'm 18 weeks now, and UPing
I'm feeling little kicks, I can't wait for a big one. I thought I had a big one last night, then I felt it going down my intestine as a gas bubble. Not a kick, a fart.

I like doing that prenatal stuff too, I take belly pictures every week or so (of course in the same place, same clothes, rain or shine or snow!), I got a blood pressure cuff from the store and I take that now. I have been measuring my fundus since about 12 weeks, last week I was measuring about a week ahead, and before about a week behind. Didn't get any pee strips because I just can't justify the cost, but if I think I need them then I'll get em. I did get a fetoscope that I can hear *nothing* with, but I haven't played with it that much.

I feel really relaxed with the pregnancy and am having a good time planning and whatnot. I'm itching to know boy or girl, but I'm just gunna have to wait a few more months

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I am going to do my own prenantal care too (eventhough I'll see a midwife). I have already been tracking my BP (my mom has a bp cuff and I have her take it not as a nurse but just as my mom
) and weight! I am going to get a fetoscope too! I have also measured my fundus which is now detectable above my pubic bone! I am finally feeling a tad bit better and starting to get excited!! I'm hoping this week will be my last or near to last week suffering from morning sickness!
I have also thought I was feeling the baby flutter to realize I just needed to fart.
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Can I join in? I have been lurking around today and I really like the atmosphere...I would have an UB if I were living in my own country (UK) but I'm going back there to have the baby to make sure s/he gets a British passport, and to be around family. Which means staying in my mother's house. And an UB doesn't really come into the equation, would cause more stress than it would relieve!
So I'm going to have a homebirth, the midwife seems on my wavelength so far (one meeting!) I suspect she'll be hands off.
I'm having very minimal checks - I need a certifcate from a dr to be allowed to fly back in June... but very much going with the flow.
I know this is a real beginners question - and I have a dd (aged 8) too - but I know nothing about fundus measuring...any links, anyone?
just found out about it on unhindered living - I'm so damned impatient!!
This is my first UP/UC, and my first child.

I'm excited. I'm anxious- I want to meet my baby, and I wish the summer would fly by so I can meet her (or him, I suppose). The last few days ahve been more anxious than in the past. I guess I'm getting to a point where I feel like I'd get a lot of uncomfortable questions if I decided to go a bit more medical (not that I really want to...). So far, its been easy going, almost like I'd made no decisions regarding care... now its getting to the point where I really need to actively and finally affirm that I will not be seeking medical attention with this pregnancy.

I've been worried about not growing enough. I feel my uterus and the fetus, so its not a colossal error- I am indeed pregnant, strangely comforting
I do have a long torso (5'9" and SHORT legs), and a broad body type- so I guess baby and uterus just have a decent amount of space to take over inside before I'm going to "pop". I still just look rounder and fluffier- like I ate way too much, and am full of intestinal gas so my stomach is distended. I just keep reminding myself that a lot fo the women with cute baby bellies are much shorter, have had previous children, etc, and that my body's doing what's right for me.

I'm doing well on the "keeping up with exercise" front. Marginally less good on the "eating good stuff" front. My body is not-so-gently reminding me that HFCS is not good for me. Damn Easter candy. Working to get back on track with good eating habits though.
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Morning sickness is preventing me from eating in my usually healthy way. I'm hoping it will be over soon and I can return to eating normally!
I am short 5'4" but I don't start actually looking pregnant until about 5/6 mths and then it's border line like maybe she's just fat or maybe she's pregnant. But by 7 mths I am really big and I start getting asked if I'm having twins. I think I'm showing earlier this time but it is my third. I already have a belly (well I had one before but it's bigger now
) and can't button any of my regular pants.
I'm hoping to start walking again although I don't think I'll be anywhere as fast as I was before. I have just been to sick to keep it up so far.

I am really enjoying this thread, I hope we can keep it going!!!
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I've gotten big REALLY fast with this one.
Really, really fast. My fundal height has already reached my navel and I'm no more than 12-14 weeks or something.

(Yes, I'm positive!! I only had one period!)

(the months are my 'best guesses')
Are you sure you're not having multiples? I'm pretty big too but I have a really short torso, I'm about 5 ft tall, and I was fluffy to begin with. You however have a decent torso and are thin
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Originally Posted by Milkymommi
Are you sure you're not having multiples? I'm pretty big too but I have a really short torso, I'm about 5 ft tall, and I was fluffy to begin with. You however have a decent torso and are thin

Every time I ask if that's possible, someone says "you just had a baby" and "after a c-section the uterus 'rides high'."

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I'm not having a UP either, i know the legalities surrouding UC in the UK but i'm not sure about how they would react if i never turned up for an antinatal check - and yes i quick enjoy going, chatting to the midwife, its all free over here.
Hey all, I'm only 5 weeks and we are planning a up/uc. I had a homebirth hospital transfer that was horrible (but thankfully did not result in c/s). This time I'm going to listen to my body like I wanted to last time.

I'm so excited to feel the baby...but I know thats aways off yet. I felt my first DS at 9/10weeks (no one believed me except DH) but not again until around 20.

I am now having my first UP/UC. I was seeing a midwife for my care until we moved cross country a few weeks back. I am now 32 weeks and not seeing anyone. I am lucky though that I know some midwives who have been kind enough to answer any questions that I have had pop up, which makes me feel more confident in the long run.

My first birth was a hospital birth, an induction, premature baby, etc. My second was a homebirth with a hands-off midwife who was great. This time we were seeing a wonderful midwife and would have had her at the birth, but we moved and she didn't want to move with us

Now I am getting closer and closer to the finish line! Here probably the end of this week I am going to order anything we need for our birth kit. I can't believe that we really only have a matter of weeks before our baby comes, I think I need to do some more reading yet
We are really looking forward to this birth a lot. My husband is only a little nervous about being UC, which has been an amazing transformation for him. I promised him though that if anything goes whacky or makes us very nervous, we do have the freedom to transport into the hospital, that gives him some peace of mind.
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Babs, your belly is beautiful!!!!! Hmmm I might suspect twins too but I have no idea about the c-section thing.

Puddleduck, I think it is great that you don't have to pay to see the midwife. Free medical care what a concept. Too bad the US government doesn't think it's a good thing.
Sheacoby, I am not saying that free medical care is a bad thing, but I wanted to point out that if our taxes went up even 5 percent, and they'd have to go up at least that to cover medical for everyone, then we could no longer make our budget and one of us would have to work more hours or get a second job depending on how much they went up. Also, knowing the US government, they would use that as an excuse to force us to see a care provider for our pregnancy and birth, because it's free. Ick.

I was wondering how ya'all's husbands are reacting to the birth? This is our first child and my husband just isn't sure at all! Teehee. We have decided that he'll be in the house just in case so that he can haul my butt to the hospital if needed, but other than that, I'm going to be planning on him not being in the actual room or helping me do anything. I hope that he watches his baby be born and wants to catch it, but I'm not going to pressure him. He helped deliver a calf last night (removal with a chain tied around it's front feet and a come-along to help get it out, I had some things to say about that- maybe cows are like humans and if farmers are messing with their birth, then they can't 'progress normally' or whatever and we should not be winching out calves) anyway, he helped deliver a calf last night, so I'm thinking maybe he would be more open to actually being there for his kiddo now. He just thinks he isn't.

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Cara, you are probably right our government would use it as a mean to control us. But it does really suck not to have medical insurance or dental insurance when you actually need it. I will be able to get medicaid because I'm pregnant but 2mths after the babe is born that's gone. I only believe in going to the doctor when you really need to but I do have a couple of medical things that I'm going to need to do something about (surgery in order probably for both) but who knows if I'll ever actually be able to.

My dh is scared about the birth (eventhough he caught our dd) and really I think I want a solo birth anyway. That's how I've been imagining it lately.

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