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Well I've confirmed it shes go some degree of an allergy to citrus. She loves madarian oranges but I havent given them to her in a long time. SHE was 100% rash free as of yesterday but we had some mandarian oranges with dinner. This morning she looked just touch red didn't really phase me I put some cream on it and went our way. (a tiny morning redness is still common for us) Then latter I put her in a sposie after she had a messy diaper and we were on the go. ( I keep these in the car as backups) but when we got home her little rash had flared unto a huge red mess and another messy diaper had the oranges.
I know it wasn't the sposies we had her in these for almost 3 full dasys a few weeks ago with no issues, its got to be the citrus. Well at least we have another known cause.
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