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I am just having a bad day. I cannot keep the laundry up, I have no help from DH today, I had an event I planned for a club I am in taking up my entire evening and we are leaving tomorrow for vacation and I have like nothing packed, and my MIL is so mean and talks to me like a child it drives me insane. Oh and the house is disorderly....somehow I know I will pull it all together and have it ready to go because I am Superwoman.

Ok, on to the diapering part of the post.....I want to use cloth on vacation, and think I should take quite a few just so I do not have to wash daily. We are going to our home on the beach in the Carolina's, it has a washer and dryer. Tell me if this is enough or too much

18 sugarpeas
2 kiwi cashmeres
2 loveybums jersey wool
1 daisy soaker to match a cute dress I bought
20 washies
6 wonderoos for night and in the car
Happie Tushies Pail liner
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Originally Posted by Piffle
How long will you be gone?
I think it all depends on this too, but you will have a washer and dryer so that will help a lot! I went to my parent's house last week (of course they have a washer/dryer) and I took too little (maybe 12 fitteds, 3 pockets, and 5 covers?). I was washing every day which is no fun! I would tend to overpack if I were you. Anyhoo, I hope you get everything organized and I'm sorry your MIL is being such a pain!
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seven days....

I guess that was pretty important info.
I am so ditzy. My MIL has me in fits. She is so darn mean.
P.S. Jesse, could you please get back to sewing?


I jest therefore I am.
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I am taking cloth on our vacation we leave for tommorow. I wish I had as many to take with me as you. I think you should do fine with that.
I think you have more than enough. Sorry your mil is so mean

I hope you have fun anyway!
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