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Ugggh, I absolutely hate sposies!

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when I get sent disposable diaper samples in the mail. I've been waiting on some fluff for a couple of days, and today I get in the mail a Luvs diaper. What a disappointment. I have all these 'sposies sitting in my house taking up space that could be well used storing my too-small CLOTH diapers.
I did manage to return one pack to Babies-r-Us and another pack I gave away to a momma of twins at a yard sale(all the while telling her about how wonderful cloth is), but I still have so many left. I don't want to throw them away, but maybe I should. I mean, there just going to be thrown away anyways, right. I can't find anyplace that will take them close to me. Uggh.
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Do you have a community center or a food pantry close by? They usually will take them.

We had a bunch too and we ended up giving them to my DH's co-worker who just had a baby.
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