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Ugghh covers...

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Ok so I have 2 poochies covers that are size m/l and they are pul. I HATE them.
: But I dont' have anything else to cover the fitteds when we go for a walk, take a nap etc. They do not fit dd at all well. It makes her bum look huge and to be honest they are never gonna fit, they are just too big, I guess they may when she gets older but not right now!

someone suggest something to me, or if you really like them, let me know. Because I hate them and if I can replace them I am going to sell them!

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Are you looking for PUL or wool? I like the Bumpy covers and I like Stacinator Stretch and Cuddlewool.
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I have some Kushies covers that I like, I also like Bummis. Green earth covers work well for us and aren't bulky - they have leg gussets which I really like. I've never tried a Poochies cover so I can't tell you how these would compare, sorry
I love our knitted wool.. it's a bit easier to attain.. than say.. Kiwi Pie's

My favorites have come from Nick at

Lindsay at KyBabyKnits (see Hyena Cart)

and Marnie at The Cushie Tushie

As far as unattainable.. but you may find on the TP, Ebay or another diapering board.. we do love our Kiwi Pie's, Fluffymail and Luxe wool covers
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For a well priced great introduction to wool I'd try CraftierbytheStitch off ebay
We have a pair of her crochet/knit shorts and love them. I've ordered from her before and really enjoyed all of our purchases. Any covers I'd suggest are gonna be wool, Celtic Wool Creations is awesome.
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Well I just traded with someone today for a wool cover so I am hoping that will work better, but this darn pul cover is not working for us. I think for the most part I will go with fleece or wool
I have covers from Little Rain Dancers and they are awesome! Never leak and sooo cute. If you contact her, she will probably be able to make some for you in the fabric of your choice. She doesn't keep her website up to date at all but her products are lovely!

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